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No thanks. Just give me my wings.
While I'm not excited for the league, my jaw might have dropped at certain moment... didn't expect so much. Also, the new monsters look awesome.

Guild and hideout improvements are awesome. I hope new decorations will come with them too! :D

Link skills look interesting as well. Sad I have no-one to use them with.
The Bother progress: 11%

It's still coming... when I have enough strength to write it all.
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The wings are a farce
Not to sure yet .
How to get wings
How did you all do this in 3 months development time! Even less with the early teasers and now patch notes. Take my money.
League mechanic looks amazing and so do the QoL updates, Thank you so much!
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Toast_Man1221 wrote:
The wings are a farce

they drop at 45 mins dont they ? its only been 30...

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