Streamer Interview - Kripparrian

I’m a fan of Kripp, but some game news would be awesome.
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I'm not 'Sarno' on Discord. I don't know who that is.
What an excellent announcement about the game!
3.15 start was awesome!
Ultimatum was the best league!
Tho, all leagues are best!
Steamers are happy!
Game is in the best state!

Only one thing.
Players are just the issue here and must be removed. Because, you know, they are dont understand anything and not finding obvious fun whats added and added to the game by tons with each patch. I mean, nerfs. What a wrong players!

Get em, streamers, explain how all wrong and how game must be played! White gear! Ssf! Hc! 24h a day! Yeeeeeeah
Kripp was the reason I bought this game.
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Used to fall asleep to Kripp playing Hearthstone back in 2014, I don't mean that in a snide manner.
Kripp brought me to POE. Good times.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
hey guys, how's it going, Kripparian here.

Ps. Without him, i'd never have played PoE. He got me from D3 here.
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Kripp why you read dis? COPIUM?
IGN: AuraMeThis
Did before it was cool:
Searing Bond Quad Curse
Consuming Dark/Bino's ED/Contagion
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Well since you've already done the rest of the Baited Expectations crew, you might as well finish it off by interviewing Piebypie next. That'll complete both of the PoE podcast streamers (Baeclast is done).

Also I think you guys haven't interviewed Nugi yet either.

Discuss here -
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So many questions about streaming.... why?!
Loot pets am I hearing right ? Like true P2W ? o_O
GGG Patch Notes: "Fixed a bug where players actually wanted to play the game"

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