Streamer Interview - Velyna

This game is for streamers now, we got it.
Again news about streamers?? players are getting tired of this...
POE became the game not to play, but to watch.
Thanks GGG, the next league I will do the same. I have never once regretted leaving 10 acts of boredom.
Fresh air is not about a new league of POE, fresh air is to stop playing it
knorpl wrote:
I have the impression that this game is made for a specific group ... Groups of people who have a lot of time and do not work, or maybe just make money on it? So this group became the favorites, and someone who wants to rest after work and chill out in front of PoE has no chance ... The game gets too convoluted, complicated ..

if you were to make a game and you kept it simple for the casual folks, how do you expect to attract the skilled players who come with a huge fanbase?

if you don't provide content which requires the latest shit in gear, what's the your motivation for folks to get that gear in the first place?

the league lasts 12 weeks which is a awful short cycle to create quality content for the next one, you don't want professional folks to create a new chars every every 3 days.

of course you design and balance your game for the top end of the playerbase and give those casuals some idea what they could play if they had the time and skill.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
thanks for pointing to vel, she really seems like a nice fellow and skilled player
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
Melaviy wrote:
Too many news about streamers. Is this site twitch mirror now?

Why? Are you jealous that they are not interviewing you?
This has actually killed the game for me. Streamers, it seems all GGG care about are the streamers to promote their game and sell MTX. I honestly don't care enough to play anymore, but cared enough to post a reply to this.
Are you guys serious? Promoting a streamer on the main page; what sort of image are you trying to impress upon current players and visitors?

To me, it seems like a desperate attempt to make the game seem popular because it has streamers. It also appears to be aimed at attracting more streamers due to the fact that you are willing to provide them with free advertising.

That's the what.

This is the why.

You want more money. To do that, you need more players. To do that, you need more streamers.

I think any astute individual would agree with me that your intentions and motives are obvious.

Personally, it's a huge turn-off, and it shows me that you have devoted resources to the wrong department in the worst way.

Not only that, but the questions asked in the interview were softer than softball questions. They were also boring, and for the most part, irrelevant to veteran players. You didn't ask any meaningful questions that might give any indication that you really care about your player base's concerns about the issues they have with your game.

And if you want to promote honest interviews about PoE, you should start by not being the ones to initiate interviews. The conflict of interest and pressure to have a positive bias towards PoE is annoyingly unprofessional and unethical. It's also incredible in that it holds no value for me since the interview was designed and conducted for the sole benefit of GGG, not its customers.

Here's what you can do:

You can make an announcement asking community streamers to consider making a video in which they talk about a particular topic for the purpose if you improving PoE player experiences and satisfaction.

But you should let them reply to their own questions; let them talk about whatever they want. And if you still want to announce their videos, then fine... do it. However, you better make sure that your purpose for promoting their videos is aimed at acknowledging your base's concerns and responding with your own feedback.

Something League of Legends does far better than you, GGG, is that they actually include specific reasons for EVERY change they make, whether it's a buff or a nerf. More than that, they also explain the underlying motive for all of the changes.

Whatever, I could say more, but you guys are too proud to listen to your players. It's all about what Chris Wilson wants. When I hear him talk about PoE, he sounds like some random ass kid in general chat that is really out of touch with the reality of the game.

I know I'm not alone when I say, this is the worst league I've experienced. On its own, it's a horrible idea and completely anti-fun. The only redeeming qualities of the league are the embedded preceding leagues and other minor improvement related to performance and UI.

Here are your options:

(1) Keep doing whatever you want to do, Chris.


(2) Listen to your base.

Option 1 says, "We don't care about you. If you don't like our game, uninstall it."

Option 2 says, "We care about your experience in PoE. We want you to keep playing our game."

Honestly, I have more fun reprimanding you than I do playing PoE. That's how bad this game has become.
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You listen to the streamers, I listen to heavy metal and I play POE. If you continue like this, I will continue to listen only heavy metal.

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