Server providers for South-Africa

I've spun up some very limited testing in South Africa so we can explore the feasibility of some different options.

You can access this by typing SouthAfrica into the gateway selection box.

  • There's only around 100 instances of capacity there currently.
  • Don't expect it to be reliable - caveat emptor.
  • We may take it down periodically or change things around.
  • It's set to put new instances on Frankfurt when it's full or offline.
  • This is very early/preliminary. Anything permanent (if this even happens) will be a while away, so temper your expectations.
I've increased the capacity by a fair bit now. I'll leave it like this for a week while I evaluate stability and performance.

Also, what is the best gateway to fall back to when this is not available? It's currently set to Frankfurt, but it can be changed to London or Milan if that suits more people.
Capacity has been tripled for testing over the 3.16 Scourge launch.

The IPs for the two servers on bare metal we're testing are:

If you could take a WinMTR when you're getting lag spikes to one of those IPs and post it, it would be helpful.

It would also be useful to see if which providers are having this issue and which are good without any issues.
I'm shutting down the login server for the gateway and redirecting traffic for London for a bit. I'm going to increase the size of the Azure VM I'm using so it can hold more players over the weekend.

Please keep in mind that this gateway is primarily there so I can evaluate different server providers, gather data and do stability testing. I've tried my best to set expectations to match this. It's not all going to be peachy, and the option is there to play on another gateway if you're unhappy.
Those specific bare metal servers are gone for good.

I'm still looking for permanent options as Azure is 3-4x more expensive than bare metal.

I've upped the Azure capacity temporarily so hopefully less people get thrown to EU for the weeks around launch.
Hey all, sorry for the late reply. We're currently trialing 2 new providers. I've tried running some MTRs but I'm not seeing high latency. It would be helpful if you could figure out which provider has high latency and if the latency is always high or only at specific times. You can figure out which instance server you are connecting to by checking your Client.txt for "Connecting to instance server at IP".

Provider 1:

Provider 2:
Hi all, thank you for the feedback. I've removed the Provider 2 servers and will be adding more Provider 1 servers for 3.18. We'll have a lot more capacity than previous releases.

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