Path of Exile: Royale Highlights from Twitch Rivals Event

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Dedisdead wrote:
I really dislike those who yell like animals. Those very over-acting dudes are a true pain to watch. Just for that I wouldn't tune in during that kind of event outside a chill streamer's point of view.

Totally agree, i like the more natural streamers, never would i watch the overacting ones, its just so cringy and anoying

As for the game mode, i always end up basic attacking because i dont get skills. Something about drops, skills and monsters could be tuned to make it more fun, at least for me
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This mode brings a bunch of emotions to the game. Hope there would be more pvp interaction in the game, not only on arena or special mods, maybe some maps full of exiles like 0.0 sectors in EVE
Loved the twitch rivals event. I hope it was successful. Also I really enjoy watching other people play PVP lol. I still haven't tried it because that kind of thing really stresses me out and I'm working too hard IRL right now to spend that kind of energy. Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of POE BR, I hope you iterate on it, expand on it, make it better as we go along.

I know this league sucked because the "vision" is kinda killing the player base. I hope you all at GGG figure out what you need to do to bring players back to the game. No more vision, just listen to what people want and let us have it. I played for 3 months straight when I could harvest craft my builds and have steady progression. I had more build diversity than ever before, because I knew I could steadily play toward my goals and achieve them.

Is this a "super hard core punishing, unrewarding" game... or is it a difficult character building game? If it's a character building game, then it needs to have achievable, reliable crafting to take characters through the end game.

If it's an unrewarding difficult game, then you'll lose playerbase.

Good luck figuring it all out. Thanks for the good times GGG
So much fun, thanks!
MilkJugg24 wrote:
qlasboy wrote:
No you are wrong many players dont play in poe, the ggg know they fucked up. The nerfs to the game are the painful to the most of the players. From the begginers expiecially to the medium players also. Players are money for gg so i hope they will answer and dont buy any mtx. Well the situations in tier 1 map when i have 3k life and 2 k mana on mom and i die from 3 hits from enemy with basic attack with sword is not normal. [Removed by Support]...important what players who are customers want...if you dont get it than you are kido

Did you even read what you typed?

yes of course, its obvious...
Are the embeds broken for anyone else? Firefox 90.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.1110

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