[3.15] Elemental Hit Assassin | 3 to 150M Sirus DPS! {LEAGUE START VIABLE}

"Increases and Reductions to Mana Regeneration Rate instead Apply to Rage Regeneration Rate" .. "You and nearby enemies Regenerate # Mana per second".

I'm pretty sure it does apply, although I'm not 100% sure. If not, before bosses you can use X to swap weapons with attack speed and spam Cobra Lash to gain a lot of rage to gain enough to berserk and cast Single-Target Elemental Hit.

Also, this build is extremely expensive, as are all Ele hit builds. However, mine is particularly expensive in the bow slot but inexpensive in the other slots. E.g, the body armour of raider builds generally have "Attacks have +#% to critical strike chance" with the modifier "10% Chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike", with a T1 life roll, resists, #% life craft (requiring an open prefix), and overall that and other slots are just so much more expensive.
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Cant find any "additional curse" in pob, or we dont need it (Ele Weakness, Mark) ?
I overlooked that, sorry, I switched the Elder+Redeemer inf to Hunter+Redeemer and swapped the eva+life mod to additional curse. Hunter has +#% life modifier as well, so we don't actually lose much life.
SiahZ wrote:
have you tried this build out yet? also can you league start with this build?

Just released an update that makes this build league start viable!
What's the point of "Summon Skitterbots" ?
Chill & Shock
Xallares wrote:
What's the point of "Summon Skitterbots" ?

Chill & Shock. You can see if you turn off skitterbots and chill&shock in config, then turning chill&shock back on that the DPS from chill&shock is pretty big. The DPS is only more from skitterbots because of "Minions have 21% increased Chill & Shock Effect"
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which order i take ascendancys?
totaledd wrote:
which order i take ascendancys?

Just updated the guide with Ascendency order and explanation. The order is at the bottom of the Spoiler!
hi, thx for posting ascendancy order :) got another question, which annoint is best for amu?

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