[3.15] Pathfinder ranger explosive concoction I NEED HELP

Since the gem itself has quite high flat dmg + you get flat cold/lightning from flasks, add trinity and voilà. I guess this tree should be fine for a league start before you can get ur hands on some nice clusters. It's a 91lvl + Alira tree.

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This would be the route I would take. What I am concerned with is the crit scaling. I think it will be hard to get to decent crit without a weapon and flask nerfs. Elemental Overload would be safer, but the tree seems so awkward.

With influence on armour and crit strikes support we are looking at 4% base crit to scale of. Is there any other flat crit I'm forgetting?

Hatred Watchers Eye and glove corruption I guess. But that will be expensive. Possibly Farrul's Bite, but I don't like the helm.
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What about ignite version (elementalist)? I think this verion cloud be better that pathfinder.
why noone takes point blank?
eucalyptux wrote:
why noone takes point blank?

The only problem I see with point blank is that, from the videos at least, you don't toss the potions very far. So, they may have to be right on your face to get the full bonus. It's a fairly easy grab though so I may play with it in PoB or some such once I answer the other questions in my head.
My version. Tinkering with some poison nodes. Lvl90 tree btw.
Gem wise, here's where my head is at:

Damage / 6L

Explosive Concoction -> Trinity -> Combustion(?) -> Lesser Multiple Projectiles -> ? (Elem. Pen?) -> ? (Elemental Focus?)

Movement (4L):
Shield Charge + Fortify (maybe...)

Clarity (if mana is really a pain this league)
Anger (for +fire dmg)

Curses ?

Snipers Mark for refills on charges / chaining?

I know this is the ranger forum buuuuuuuuut this is what I came up with when attempting to scale the fire damage harder:

I am building this around frenzy charges, wind dancer, arco, phase acro with most of the flask nodes in the ranger side of the tree.

I worry that spreading the points across too many nodes zones will be an irrecoverable move.

If EC sucks, at least my back up plan will be to respecing to a wildstrike build.
Here's what I got if sticking with Ranger, don't have items setup or gems because PoB is missing the gem:


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