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Swing big scythes all over the place, reap has great AoE coverage and stacks damage up for single target. Above average defence for a caster plus our Elementalist freezes lock mobs in place. Very few buttons to press just dash-reap-dash-reap.

Latest PoB updates + Help: https://discord.gg/velyna

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/Velyna

Build Video: https://www.youtube.com/velyna

Other Builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/2688095

1. Introduction

1.1. Reap?

Reap is a physical base aoe spell that costs life instead of mana. Every time you use it and nothing dies, it does more damage and costs more the next time. As long as we sustain that life cost our mana is now mostly free to reserve, and Reap does good damage with huge aoe/reach. Worth.

1.2. Pros/Cons
  • Aoe and Singletarget: No need to worry about a second skill here, our total button count is very low.
  • Mana Reservation: Our mana is only used to dash, very easy for us to reserve near the maximum.
  • Kinda Tanky: We have a fair bit more armour/evasion than most casters, plus IC with charges and ~30% block/spell block. 5500 life feels pretty good in endgame when combined with these.

  • Ramping: This build gains a lot of its power late game and early league can be slow. I do include PoBs for early league and they will run maps fine but the final PoB is the juicy one.
  • Life Cost: Without the right levels of regen, the build will feel horrible. This is noticeable mostly with +1 blood charge helm enchant.

1.3. Videos

1.4. HC/SSF/Leaguestart Viable?

SC leaguestart viable.

I'm unsure about life cost skills on HC, use your own discretion.

SSF should be viable.

1.5. Upgraded PoB

This version is updated faster and has extra features. The PoB links in the guide all use this and there might be differences from the standard one.

Uninstall PoB before installing this or you might get errors.

2. Leveling

Leveling Trees

- The trees for new characters can be found in the Leaguestart PoB at bottom left. -

This will show what I used and how I specced while levelling a simulated leaguestart. Blade Vortex is available Act 1, and I personally used it into maps swapping to reap around lvl 70.

Act 1





BV becomes available early, I used freeze pulse until then. Make sure you check back in town often for new gems. Steelskin can be bound to your left click to autocast it while moving.

Act 2





Grab some new supports and Herald of Purity, kill all the bandits.

Act 3





All the gems for Reap become available now, but I prefer to stick with BV while doing early league grinding. If you have gear/money already just swap when you feel comfortable and follow the Reap tree.

I take Shaper of Storms from first lab, since lightning conversion is easier to get early game and we have a lot of elemental scaling. Swap later when you get the gloves, and also switch to hatred at that time.

Gems to level: Reap, Vitality, Hatred, Zealotry

Act 4-6






Once you can sustain the mana, Zealotry + HoP should be run. CWDT gives us some easy automatic damage/defence.

Act 7-10







Second and third lab should be possible as soon as you unlock them, take Liege of the Primordian then Elemancer.
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3. Gear

This is Endgame level gear, for the earlier stages check the PoB imports above.


Nice mix of damage and defence here, getting some regen+phys mitigation from the +2 to golem gems.


Curse is first priority once you have a second curse slot, shouldn't be hard to grab the double corrupt later.


Uncorrupted at first, then either AoE or Duration +2 for endgame.


Start with just Tailwind or Phys as Cold, then get fancy later. Can also go with Elusive or a Cant be Frozen craft in that prefix slot.


Circle of Guilt is easy damage+armour, and our other ring slot gives us Assassins Mark. We need to grab some Dex somewhere to use Vaal Grace and amulets are a good place to do it.


Standard big life elder belt nothing crazy here. We need some fire damage on our spells to ignite for Cinderswallow and abyss jewels can give it to us.


We need life leech from this large cluster, otherwise the only easy source I know of is rings which can be dicey. Enduring Composure gives us perma charges for our IC, and we get Culling, Power Charges and Unnerve on clusters as well.


Phys as Cold from Redeemer base is almost the same damage as a +1, there are various other combos with spell crit/crit multi that come out near the same also.


You can roll Life on Block as a shaper suffix, or a synth base.


This section will be updated during 3.15 once flask changes are known, most likely will drop one of these for a utility/immunity.

4. Misc

4.1 Ascend
  • Shaper of Winter
  • Liege of the Primordial
  • Elemancer
  • Bastion of Elements

4.2 Bandit

Kill all for 2 points.

4.3 Pantheon

Major: Solaris or Lunaris

Minor: Gruthkul

This is my standard setup, feel free to run whatever you want.
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Update to endgame PoB soon, and fixed video link woops
Patch notes summary:

Support changes, will update when PoB is ready.

The golem changes hurt us less than others because we only use 4.

Trigger costs dont really bother us either, both gems in our wand can be dropped to level 1 with no loss and we have mana available since we spend life to cast main skill.

Looking at maybe trying out occultist?

Build should be ok though.

Is this starter friendly?
Lanzatron wrote:
Is this starter friendly?

I did a test run before the changes and it was fine, should be fine now just slower.
Beautiful guide and explaination. I love Witch and i like the idea of melee them to death with coldness. I'm gonna try this in a few hours as my league starter.

Thank you for the wonderful effort and plainness of speach.
Also I'm one who doesnt care for HH and yours isnt a HH build. Thank you again for that.

Thanks again now I'm excited,

The Morgawr
:-) <3 <3
Is it still gonna run the same flasks?
Leaguestart 6L carcass jack?
Jaskamof wrote:
Leaguestart 6L carcass jack?

Leaguestart is beginning of league through white maps. Any 6L with the colors works at first.

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