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-----3.16 Updated-----

Explosive Concoction Ascendant

Storm Brand Occultist

Storm Brand Guardian

Ice Crash Raider

Ground Slam Champ/Slayer

Mjolner CoC Inquisitor


Arma Brand Ignite

HoAG Storm Rain Champ
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Vortex added
I've used Velyna's Vortex/Cold Snap CI build and I love it. I've done nearly all content in the game and it's a very sustainable character. You can check out my gear here:

Thanks Vel!
hi, I used this build in the zDPS league, it was awesome fun and great DPS, thanks. I look forward to more builds from you. <3
-CoC Blade Blast added

-HoWA and ground slam upgraded massively with cluster jewels
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Max block occultist added

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