We are excited to share with you the announcements from our exclusive Path of Exile: Expedition livestream! In this news post, we've put together the links to everything that was revealed.

Check out the press coverage below:

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Grinding Gear Games
Announcements of announcements of upcoming announcements. This is getting a little silly.
They are purging the bottom half of the community as measured by profitable to them. Good business sense, perfectly legal. They don't need or want new players. They want new spending.

Spent 3.15's support money on Last Epoch instead.
looks sick

Hope not to be disappointed again
Heist and harvest had a kid?
Nice pack de$ign$.
I dont like the link between gem and build in the announcement.

EDIT: OMG - we used to get gems and figure out how to use them. Now you build gems with your mind made up for how to use them. Why you do this. Gems for Ascendencies? Poe? Hello? Diversity?

oh, and give us Hammers travel with you please....Hammadin D2 times are back I guess.
if you nerf 10 gems out of 30, you automatically buff the other 20!
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Out of your own ideas? Renamed frozen orb from Diablo 2?
nerf nerf nerf
calling someone daft, which only means silly or foolish, breaches the code of conduct.
● Personally attack or cause harm to the reputation of others
● Antagonise others in an obnoxious manner
so don't use big words like daft LMAO
but being told you are stupid or to "F@#$ OFF" seems acceptable to GGG

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