New Microtransaction: Viper Wings

Jerle wrote:
Seems like we have mtx news everyday now.

Be grateful in being part of a company to get news everyday.
Great work from the MTX department . Keep it up!
The wings are kind of cool but the thing in the middle is ugly as sin.
Feels like it needs a little more.

Wingspan doesn't look right though obviously they don't all have to be spread out to a huge degree. Missed an opportunity to give players a tail by extending the length of the back piece. It has six legs so obviously some parasite creature theme going on but not really taken very far.


Jerle wrote:
Seems like we have mtx news everyday now.

yep, if they worked as hard on POE 2 as they do on MTX we be playing POE 3 by now.

i know it is a free game only money is MTX sale, but the speed they throw out MTX atm makes me feal sigk and dont makes me wantto buy anythin.

buy a set of wings today and tomorrow there is even cooler wings out and the pricing is just retarded.

Hey these look like wings except smaller!
Wow now THIS is something I might be interested in... if they made the parasite a bit bigger, it would be even more awesome.
more mtx = less performance
With the current state of the game, why buy MTX?
`Spent 2 mirrors on my build, but I'm only Level 98.` LOL
I've never bought any skins but I'm really thinking about getting this one

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