With development of 3.15 underway, we wanted to give the community an idea of what to expect for the timing of Path of Exile's next expansion. We're expecting to release the 3.15 expansion in mid-July, with the Ultimatum League ending roughly five days before its release. We expect to announce precise dates on approximately the 24th of June.

Once again, we're planning to announce this expansion's content via a livestream on www.twitch.tv/pathofexile like we did for 3.14. Our last livestream was a lot of fun to host, and was our best yet in terms of overall viewer numbers. We're keen to exceed that again with our next announcement. We've got a lot to show off and would love for everyone to join us!

Like any Path of Exile expansion, 3.15 contains a new challenge league, new rewards, game-wide balance changes and more. The scope of the 3.15 league is a bit larger than Ultimatum.

We're really excited about both the league we have created for 3.15 and the other content the expansion contains, and we can't wait to share it with you.
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game-wide balance changes

Nerf league 2 confirmed!
very nice. :) but quick question. what is the theme of the new league gonna be this time? will we see another teaser of sorts?
凄い updating inbound
Looking forward to this!
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Please, nerf Burnning Arrow.
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