Whoop Whoop! We've Got Our 86th Episode of Forever Exiled Released Just For You!


Hi Everyone!

Episode 86, Come One, Come All! Private Leagues for All!, of your weekly PoE Podcast, Forever Exiled, is ready to be listened to!

With a slow week from GGG in Path of Exile Land, we were happy to talk about a few things we've been itching to talk about for a while. Luckily GGG posted their Atlas Passive stats for 3.14's Ultimatum to coincide with our wishes :). It's fun to see what content other players prefer, especially players that play outside of their comfort zone. We even dabbled with the conversation of how daunting PoE is these days for a new player. Oh! Lots of private leagues and events going on this week as well (including our own)! Thanks to all the community members that go through all the effort for their events and content. We wish you the best of success! Thanks for listening everyone!

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