Bless your minions with a Celestial Boon by using the new Celestial Offering Effect! This cosmetic effect can be applied to the Bone, Flesh and Spirit Offering Skills each with a different colour! The effect can also be applied to the Blood Offering skill provided by the Bloodbond Unique Armour. Check out the video below or get yours here.

The Celestial Offering Effect is perfect to pair with your Celestial Army. Take a look below with it pictured alongside the Celestial Zombies and Celestial Carrion Golem, rounded off with the Celestial Armour Set and Celestial Hood.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
I think there is a typo in the listing, and it's supposed to be 500 points, right?
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
Does this cosmetic MTX work with offering skills provided by Queen's Hunger unique armour?
Damn another necro nerf incoming ;(
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
about time :D
Piacevole wrote:
Damn another necro nerf incoming ;(

Perhaps not....if everyone slams close their pocketbooks.
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Blatant lie by the HMFIIC.
Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
Can we have one for Desecrate now to round it out ;)
The Rusty Shack!

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