[3.15] Cold Carrion Golementalist for Aurabot (Duo, ~10-20ex in 3.14) [WIP]

UcigaToaca wrote:
How's the build??
Still can be playable??

I'd say yes.
We did 36/40 challenges with this.

Aurabot dies against physical damage quite quickly. (Very low armor.)
The damage is around halved compared to last league.

Bosses we did:
Uber Atziri.
All 4 Expedition bosses.

Bosses we bought from tft carry services:
Sirus A8. (Tried in two times before. In Ultimatum this was way easier.)
Uber Elder. (Didn't try.)
Maven. (Didn't try, way harder with two people due to memory game.)

Use this PoB for the aurabot, it's the newest one. (Or try to go in this direction.)

Is the final form of the elementalist.
We changed from apes to so spectres in order to get more clear. (Without the aurabot, this is was worse. )

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