[3.14] Cold Carrion Golementalist for Aurabot (Duo, ~10-20ex) [WIP]

This build is meant to be played with https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3130526.

Your job is the guide your golems to your enemies and don't lose you
Your golems do the damage and your aurabot will keep you alive.

Why this combination?

We tried zombiemancer and guardian aurabot in Ritual.
It was good, but not enough.
We failed the Feared and gave up on getting the hideout (=36/40)

Golemancer was a possibility, but the auras are handled by the other player and the elementalist qol is amazing (more golems, reflect immune, aegis, ele ailment immunity).
We switched from guardian ascendant for more skill points and the necro aura effect.
The golams use their leap to get way higher range than the zombies and their aoe skill clears small mobs really fast.

We got 36/40 in Ultimatum.
But we needed a maven service, since the memory game is way worse with two people.
But besides doing some conditional kills it was a breeze.

Is this a build for me?

You like

* having you golems eat through maps,
* having pets that search for enemies like crazy,
* being able to do every map mod (no regen needs mana flask),
* tanking a A8 Sirus meteor,
* freezing map bosses.

You can stomach

* lacking defenses when alone,
* animate guardian buffing enemy defenses when alone,
* spending more currency on the support,
* timed kill challenges being a pain in the donkey.


Ultimatum League (05/27/2021)

Gear and Gems

Current Setup

Animate Guardian

*Kingsmaker (after getting a good helmet and having a divergent quality AG)(you can use Limpsplit till then)
*Victario's Flight
* Eye of Malice (bad without aurabot curses and EE)




When doing challenges where you don't want to kill too early:

I want to spend more!

* Better cluster jewels.
* Better AG gear.
* +global gem level on weapon

Sources used

Von Vikton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0y28WdUBd8 (gear, tree)
GhazzyTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIOo21hgssg (gear, tree)

This build is by far not optimized and feedback is welcome.


(05/27/2021) Initial release.
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