3.14.2 Hotfix

3.14.2 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a client crash introduced in 3.14.2 that could mostly occur in Caldera Map.
Last bumped on Jun 4, 2021, 10:12:42 PM
crashed 3 map there lets see if it worked

Edit: crashed 2 :) 3rd map was open before reset and after reset it worked and i complete it

thanks for fast fix again
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I hadn't crashed in caldera before the most recent patch, now I have crashed twice in a row, pretty much in the exact same spot while opening an essence, and straight to desktop, no report or error. Lost all portals/loot from map on the crashes both times.

(First one was actually for my conquerer fight, which really sucked, lol, I know others will share my feeling of pain)
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Still stuck at loading screen (since last friday)
I need confirmation guys. Does this patch shadow nerf Vaal skill (in my case Vaal Storm Call)?
Before patch, I have 4 charges of each Vaal Storm Call setup: 1 is a 6L in my chest, 1 is in Triumvirate Authority. They share the same soul gain and charge usage.
Now after patch, my 6L has only 3 maximum charge, while the one in Authority still has 4 charges. And now they have different soul gain and soul usage too.
I don't know but after the hotfix I'm experiencing a lot of micro-stuttering and almost can't do a map or trialmaster. It's not enjoyable. Anyone else?
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