[3.16] Arian's Hollow Groundslam Machinegun Juggernaut - 10+ mill DPS | League Start | All Content

[3.16] Arian's Hollow Machinegun Groundslam Juggernaut - 15+ mill DPS | League Starter | All Content

10 Groundslams per second, thus "Machinegun"

Welcome to my very first guide in Path of Exile. I've got over 4000 hours on my shoulders now and decided to share my most satisfying build I created so far.

I started the league with this build and it requires little investment to get to red maps quickly.


We combine the acquisition of the Hollow Palm technique via One With Nothing cluster jewel, dexterity stacking for a very high damage output and Unstoppable Juggernaut ascendancy node for maximum accuracy and high attack speed. The main defensive layers are Fortify in 6L-Setup and 7-8 Endurance Charges which also provide a huge damage output and filling in the missing resistances (since hollow palm users tend to have resistance problems).

I prefer the Vaal Ground Slam skill for massive stuns in certain dangerous areas and generally Ground Slam for machine gun screen wide destruction, but I am confident that some other skills can also work well with this build if adjustments are made.

<<< PROS & CONS >>>

+ Very tanky
+ Very high damage output without too much investment
+ Fast map clearing (I wouldn't say super fast, but I can clear a minotaur map in 1-2 minutes inlcuding boss)
+ Budget to red maps
+ Viable league starter
+ Satisfying gameplay

- Uses a bunch of hotkeys for several activations (Ground Slam + Vaal Ground Slam, Ancient Protector Totem, Ancestral Warchief Totem, Molten Shell + Vaal Molten Shell, Flame Dash and Dread Banner), no one-click wonder
- Can't run physical reflect maps (unless you get the Elder Body Armour prefix)
- No leech maps are very difficult
- Resistances can get slightly tedious to cap the more you invest into damage, but less so than most other hollow palm builds
- Requires atleast 1 Unset Ring for full potential
- Baram's mana runes are annoying
- Low HP pool (still very tanky though)


<<< Videos (WIP) >>>

<<< Screenshots | GIFs >>>

>> Bossing


Metamorph Minotaur


>> Mapping

Ultimatum T16

Clearspeed (Beach T16)


<<< POB Pastebin >>>


UPDATED 3.16 - 10/26/2021

<<< Gameplay IMPORTANT! >>>

The main mentality you have to play this build with is hit & run. You don't stand around much in one spot because even though the build has a high survivability, it also might get overwhelmed at times and can't facetank everything. A lot, but not everything. Maintain your Molten Shell buff when you know there is high damage incoming (usually during boss fights) and use Vaal Molten Shell during mapping. The build uses both Ancestral Protector Totem and Vaal Ancestral Warchief Totem (ONLY THE VAAL VERSION FOR WARCHIEF!) since one normal totem is the limit. Place your dreadbanner only during encounters where you know you will be staying a while (like boss encounters). Vaal Groundslam is a very powerful stun with large area and high damage output and can even interrupt a lot of Unique monsters (shaper/elder guardians for instance), so use that to either quickly clear shrines or legions monoliths and to interrupt annoying casts on uniques monsters.

Don't be scared of dropping on low life (below 50%) because that's where the Starkonja evasion increase kicks in and turns into armour as we use iron reflexes to transform all evasion to armour. The high leech output this build provides with Vaal Pact and several leech nodes boosts fills your life in no time. If that's not enough, don't be afraid to use your Instant Life Flask every now and then.

<<< Core Items >>>

One With Nothing is the absolute MUST-HAVE item in order to play this build as intended. Without it, don't even bother looking at the rest. Explanation: One With Nothing grants us the Hollow Palm technique that provides 60% MORE Attack Speed and 14-20 Added Attack Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity while UNENCUMBERED. Unencumbered means that you aren't allowed to equip any weapons or gloves (those slots MUST stay empty).
Cost: Around 1-2 exalted orbs on first few days of league start. Price drops relatively quickly usually. Item drops from Delirium Bosses so might take 1-2 days until they are being sold.
WARNING: This item is the most expensive piece of "gear" you will need early on to make the build work, so plan to acquire it once you hit yellow/red maps (see leveling section).

Astramentis is the second core item in this build. You can acquire an Astramentis with level 20 and zoom through the chapters if you have both Hollow Palm + Astramentis. However, even lategame, this Amulet provides us with up to 139 TOTAL ATTRIBUTES (that means 139 base Dexterity) before multipliers kick in. The damage boost from this relatively cheap Unique is astonishing.
Cost: Around 15-30 chaos orbs on league start.

Ground Slam has an inbuilt stun and with Rapid Expansion Jewel we increase the AoE cone of the skill from 45° to 90° infront of us along with building up Endurance Charges without having to be hit.
Cost: 1 alchemy orb (acquired from Act rewards too)

Other great but NOT core items:

This helmet provides a lot of damage output due to its high dexterity and attack speed but also grants us good survivability because of the high maximum life. Not only that, but because we use Iron Reflexes to turn Evasion into Armour, it serves well as a good Pseudo-Armour base Helmet with an even better low-life (50% or less) bonus that increases our armour even more if we take a savage hit or drop low otherwise.
Cost: 1-5 chaos orbs.

Free Perma-Freeze Immunity and a crapton of damage. Need I say more?
Cost: 10-30 chaos orbs on league start. Elder drop, so usually takes a couple of days until they are being sold.

<<< Gear >>>

Stat priority for rares:
-> Dexterity (try to get it wherever you can)
-> Elemental Resistances (atleast 50-60% each, rest comes from endurance charges)
-> Maximum Life

Anything besides those basic stats are not mandatory.

>> Budget

Body Armour can also be a Tabula Rasa. 10%+ Cyclopean Coils should still be fairly cheap (10c usually). Low rolled Astramentis is also not too expensive. Total cost here shouldn't exceed 1-2 exalted.

>> Upgrades

Body Armour: 6L Carcass Jack / 6L Wildwrap
Both of these are viable upgrades as both provide elemental resistance and damage boost. Carcass Jack is really nice for faster speed clear and survivability while the Wildwrap grants us increased overall single target damage.

Boots: Two-Toned Boots with Veiled Orb rolls for "Cannot be Chilled" & +30% Movespeed. Remember to still get Resists on boots.

Rings: Could try to roll/buy a cheap Curse Vuln on hit unset ring now.

Belt, Helmet and Amulet are hard to beat, so keep Cyclopean Coil, Starkonja and Astramentis in those.

>> Endgame

10% chance to gain a frenzy charge on hit is one of the two stats we require on this rare chest
12% Dexterity is the other stat we require on this rare chest
The other stats are bonus. See crafting section on how to make this yourself.

Starkonja is very hard to beat as we want to match the high dexterity stat on it (58 is highest on a rare helmet), but if you want to use a rare helmet, try getting following stats:
-> High Dexterity (using Essences)
-> Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage (Elder base)
-> Life
-> Resistances

Pride has 15% reduced reservation is mandatory as lab enchant so we can add Flesh & Stone!

We have two choices here. Either you go for Onslaught Boots for more damage (usually around 20-30ex base) or you use a Two-Toned Boots pair with warlord influence to get +1 maximum endurance charges (see crafting section).

Cyclopean Coil is hard to beat as BiS Belt (once you replace Astramentis with a better Jade Amulet you should replace the Cyclopean Coil with a Stygian craft (see craft section)).
Try to get a Cyclopean Coil with a high "% Increased Attributes" and use Attribute Catalysts to boost it even more. If you feel gutsy, corrupt it after using catalysts and beg for %dex (+ %str preferrably) on implicit. A good corrupt one costs around 15-20 ex.

Astramentis will probably be your best Amulet for the entire league unless you have a lot of currency to spend (40+ ex). If you want to know how to possibly craft a better Amulet, see craft section.

Anoint it with Endurance (Clear Oil + Black Oil + Golden Oil) and boost it with attribute catalysts.

You will require atleast 1 Unset ring so we can fit all the gems we need and you'll also want Curse Vulnerability on that ring (32% preferrably). Getting Vuln + Dex + Resistance is very hard/costly, so settle for Vuln + either of the other stats.
Stat Priority:
-> Curse Vulnerability
-> Dexterity
-> Resistances
-> Life
-> Non-Channeling Skills have -7 Mana Cost (Elreon Craft)

I chose a synthesis endurance charge ring because I use 15% Pride reservation as lab enchant on the helmet and reduced reservation on the fluid motion jewels. This way we won't need a second unset ring and won't require Enlighten lvl 4 on our auras.
The base of this ring costs around 4-10ex.
Stat Priority:
-> Dexterity
-> Resistances
-> Life
-> Non-Channeling Skills have -7 Mana Cost (Elreon Craft)

<<< Flask Setup >>>

My Setup of choice:

1. Instant Life Flask incase there is nothing to hit during a boss encounter due to Vaal Pact.

2. Lion's Roar provides a huge damage output and a strong armour boost.

3. A Jade Flask with increased Evasion Rating provides us another equally strong armour boost because we use Iron Reflexes to turn that evasion gain into armour, but can be replaced by a cinderswallow flask or saphire flask to improve our survivability against endgame boss encounters such as shaper/elder/maven.

4. Sulphur Flask is another big damage boosting flask. You can upgrade that into a Bottled Faith if you have enough currency and if you replace the Jade Flask with another Flask to cover all the neccesary immunities.

5. Quicksilver Flask is a nobrainer usually.

Just make sure you get all the immunities that make life easier. You won't need Freeze immunity because we get that from Cyclopean Coil.

<<< Gem Setup >>>

Body 6L: Vaal Ground Slam - Melee Physical Damage Support - Brutality Support - Multistrike Support - Impale Support - Fortify Support
If you can afford, replace Melee Physical Damage Support -> Brutality Support -> Multistrike Support with their Awakened versions (i.E. Awakened Multistrike Support) in that order (cost efficient).
Final 6L: Vaal Ground Slam - Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support - Awakened Brutality Support - Awakened Multistrike Support - Impale Support - Fortify Support

3L: Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Maim Support

No Links:
Vaal Molten Shell, Flame Dash, Dread Banner, Blood and Sand, Pride, Flesh and Stone (requires Helmet enchant 15% reduced pride reserve)

NOTE: If you use Enlighten Support lvl 4, you will need TWO Unset rings instead of ONE and either the Boots or the Helmet as 4L (whichever you dont use for totems) and link as follows:

4L with Enlighten lvl 4: Dread Banner - Flesh and Stone - Pride - Enlighten Support

<<< Jewels >>>

If you are on a small budget, get the cheapest version of all of these jewels as they still provide a significant damage boost for almost no investment!

You have a total of 4 Non-Cluster Jewel slots, so acquire two Fluid Motion jewels and one Rapid Expansion. The fourth Jewel can be a rare one with Resistances and Max Life. Later on you can upgrade it into a Watcher's Eye with Impale lasts 2 additional stages if you can manage your resistances.

Try and get "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you" on your Rapid Expansion Jewel as those are usually really cheap (less than 1 exalted orb).
For your Fluid Motions, try and get "1% Reduced reservation" as implicit. The Dexterity value doesn't have to be max, a high roll is nice but not mandatory, the reservation implicit helps you more.

Stat priority on rare jewel:
- Resistances
- Life
- Attack Speed =/= Damage
>> Jewel Placement

The placement of these Jewels is important and provide us a really huge damage boost.

1. Overview of all three slots with relevant placement

2. First Fluid Motion

3. Second Fluid Motion

4. Rapid Expansion

>> Cluster Jewel

NOTE: You get TWO Jewel slots in a Large cluster. One of those slots is required for One With Nothing and the other slot is open for any rare jewel or Watcher's Eye you want to implement into the build.

1. Your Cluster Jewel belongs in this cluster

2. What you need on your Cluster Jewel (go for 8 passives)

3. Master The Fundamentals has no downside for us and grants increased elemental resistances, BiS!

4. Battle Hardened gives us a solid defensive boost and a lot of damage

5. Force Multiplier is a no brainer aswell for even more damage

6. Your One With Nothing jewel belongs in that slot. Reduced reservation One With Nothing is very expensive, so don't bother until very late.

<<< Leveling & Tree >>>

>> Level 1 - 65 WITH Hollow Palm (won't work on league start)

If this isn't your first character and you already bought a One With Nothing jewel to acquire Hollow Palm, then you will zoom through the chapters and won't have to mind gearing at all except for your core items One With Nothing and Astramentis (and whatever dexterity gear you find).
> Gear
One With Nothing + Astramentis + optionally Tabula or 5-6L Briskwrap (can be difficult to get the red sockets as they are offcolors)

> Passive Tree 1 - 65
Passive Tree Level 65 Hollow Palm

Don't forget to reserve 1 passive point for the One With Nothing jewel on the bottom right cluster as that isn't possible in the PoE Planner tool.

>> Level 1 - 65

> Gear & Gems
Just pick up whatever you find. Try using one hand maces or axes (either dual wield is fine). Sceptres are fine too but generally lack damage compared to maces and axes. Can't use swords/claws with Ground Slam.

Stat priority:
-> Phys Damage (only until you get your Hollow Palm notable)
-> Life
-> Resistances

Weapon Example:

For Gems just pick up whatever Physical Damage support gems you can find to improve your Ground Slam. Also get Herald of Ash in Act II until you use Brutality support to increase your AoE damage. Link Leap Slam with Fortify support until you change to Hollow Palm where you have to swap out Leap Slam for Flame Dash (sadge) because you can't use weapons anymore.

The gems you will want by the time you hit Act 6:
4L: Ground Slam - Melee Physical Damage Support - Brutality Support - Multistrike Support(5L-Impale Support, 6L-Pulverise Support)
2L: Leap Slam - Fortify Support
3L: Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Maim Support
No Links: Molten Shell or Vaal Molten Shell, Blood and Sand, Dread Banner and Pride (if you can sustain your mana (rush to mana leech node beneath Vaal Pact in passive tree))

> Passive Tree 1 - 35

> Passive Tree 35 - 65

>> Level 65 - 80

> Gear
If you don't have Hollow Palm yet, switch your weapons to Maces or Sceptres (if you havn't already) and try to get some solid physical damage on some rare ones. If you DO have Hollow Palm, use the 1 - 65 Hollow Palm Passive Tree (see above) or skip to the 80+ Tree below.

Alternatively get two of these (usually 1 chaos orb cost):

The rest of your gear is still irrelevant until you have Hollow Palm but you can boost your damage until then with cheap uniques such as:
- Abyssus Helmet
- Lion's Roar Flask
- The Magnate Belt
- Meginord's Vise Gloves

> Passive Tree 65 - 80

>> Level 80+
Now is the time you are either struggling to progress without One With Nothing (Hollow Palm) or you already acquired the Jewel and are ready to move on to where your build explodes and you melt through the Atlas.

If you have One With Nothing now, you will need 21 respecc points total to reset the points you don't need anymore (such as mace-specific or one-handed weapons specific passives) and will have to build new bridges (new tree connections) first before refunding passives (see passive tree 80+ poe planner below).
> Gear
Your gear should now start to look something like this

If you can't afford a 6L no worries, a 5L is fine (Ground Slam - Brutality Support - Multistrike Support - Impale Support - Fortify Support).

Don't forget the Rapid Expansion jewel either to make your Ground Slam juicier.

> Passive Tree 80+

<<< Lab Enchant & Amulet Anoint >>>

Since 3.14 they changed Flesh & Stone to 35% reserved mana up from 25% reserved mana, so this build needs to compensate for that nerf. In order to do so, pick up Pride has 15% reduced reservation on the Helmet.
Starkonja with Pride has 15% Reduced Reservation can be tricky but shouldn't be super expensive either. Until then, just don't use Flesh & Stone.

For Amulet Anoint we have two options:
Budget: Weathered Hunter (Sepia Oil + Orange Oil + Teal Oil)
This will increase your damage nicely and also provide additional elemental resistances

Best-in-Slot: Endurance (Clear Oil + Black Oil + Golden Oil)
This grants +1 Maximum Endurance Charges and requires too many passive points to reach on tree.

<<< Ascendancy >>>

Undeniable > Unflinching > Unrelenting =/= Unyielding

We pick Undeniable first because it's a huge damage boost for the leveling process as it caps our accuracy and also gives us more attack speed.
Unflinching is the second choice to get some endurance charges passively and from there on it's a matter of preference. If you lack survivability, pick Unrelenting, otherwise ramp that AoE size and damage up even more with Unyielding

Unbreakable is not worth it as we have a lot of leech and with Vaal Pact it is pretty much useless.
Unstoppable is also a waste since we get Unwavering Stance from the passive tree.

<<< Pantheon & Bandits >>>

Major Pantheon:
Based on your prefered playstyle, you can pick either Soul of Solaris for boss encounters or Soul of Lunaris for safer mapping. I prefer Soul of Solaris.

Minor Pantheon:
Soul of Grukthul (for additional damage reduction)

Kill them all (Passive points are BiS)

<<< Crafting Tips >>>

These crafting tips are NOT the only way to craft said required items for this build. There are plenty of different ways to craft any item, so if you are creative and experienced, you don't have to follow step-by-step.

Every item can be replaced by a better rare, it's just that some of these rares can become so incredibly expensive (like Amulet for example), that it's very difficult to actually replace their recommended unique counterpart.

>> Body Armour
Requirements: Awakener's Orb + Veiled Chaos Orbs + Redeener Body Armour + Elder Body Armour + 2 or more Exalted Orbs

One of your Body Armours should be an Astral Plate preferrably ilvl 86 (as all endgame items should be).

Step 1: Roll your affix modifiers until you get both required suffixes:
Your Redeener Body Armour needs to have the "10% chance to gain a frenzy charge on hit" suffix modifier
Your Elder Body Armour needs to have the "% increased dexterity" suffix modifier (make sure it is T1 9-12%).

Make sure that those are the only affix modifiers of that specific influence type to guarantee the desired result.

Step 2: Take the Awakener's Orb and fuse those Body Armours together resulting in the Astral Plate being the SECOND click of the Awakener's Orb interaction (to get the Astral Plate as combined result).

If you get a satisfying result you can end the crafting here.
If you get 3 prefixes that aren't really good, continue with "Special Harvest Step", otherwise continue with Step 3.

Step 3: Use the prefix craft "Suffixes cannot be changed" for 2 ex cost and then reroll your Body Armour with a Veiled Chaos Orb. Unveil the item and see if the result is satisfactory. If you get 3 prefixes that aren't happy with, continue with Special Harvest Step.

Special Harvest Step: Use the Harvest Craft that says "Reforge a Rare item with Lucky modifier values, keeping all Suffixes" (not sure if there is a not Lucky version of this) until you have a satisfying result or get one open prefix (two or less prefixes total). If you get an open prefix slot and are unhappy with the other rolls, continue with Step 3.

Recommended Veiled Mods:
% Increased Maximum Life/Mana Hybrid (prefix)
You and your Minions take 100% reduced reflected physical damage (prefix)
% Increased Attributes (suffix)
Dexterity + Int/Str Hybrid (suffix)
Dexterity + % Quality Hybrid (suffix)

Best result:
# Maximum Life T1 - Craftable
% Increased Maximum life T1 (Elder mod)
% Increased Maximum Life/Mana T1 (Veiled mod) - Craftable
10% chance to gain a frenzy charge on hit (Redeemer mod)
% Increased Dexterity T1 (Elder mod)
% Increased Attributes T1 (Veiled mod) - Craftable

>> Amulet

>> Rings

>> Boots

>> Helmet

>> Belt

<<< Changelog >>> 3.16 CHANGES UPDATED!

- Flesh and Stone is 25% reserved now instead of 35%
- Armour changes are a buff to this build
- Wind Dancer is no longer useful and rather counterproductive for this build, so instead the lifenode below gets filled.
- Passive Tree isn't fully released yet, so can't say for sure if anything else needs to be changed.

Also more freedom for defensives with new passive tree probably, so some experimenting with a few nodes might benefit the build even more.

Right now it looks like this build is getting a buff in defensives for 3.16 and took a slight nerf to damage from previous league (3.15) changes. At most we are talking about a downgrade of 15 million dps to 10 million dps but still enough to destroy bosses in seconds.

If I forgot anything important, please let me know and I will try and fix it. Will try to help where I can and fill in the WIP areas as soon as I have more time.
Arian Targaryen of G3
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Last bumped on Nov 14, 2021, 9:07:52 AM
Arian Targaryen of G3
Nice build like it so far.. I have bottle of faith does it fit in this build?
dmoniak wrote:
Nice build like it so far.. I have bottle of faith does it fit in this build?

Yes certainly. Mentioned in Flask Setup section that Bottled Faith is an upgrade to the normal Sulphur Flask, but you will have to manage your flask immunities differently, maybe even swapping out the Jade Flask for Saphire Flask or Onslaught flask (if you don't have onslaught boots) with an immunity.

Bottled Faith pushes approximately 1-2 mill dps depending on your overall gear.

Glad you like it. :)
Arian Targaryen of G3
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u have any tips for how to play around ultimatum evnts ?
fdnfdnfdn wrote:
u have any tips for how to play around ultimatum evnts ?

A bit late but yeah, just hit and run in circle around the ultimatum center. Also use Sand stance to avoid blind enemies and make your ground slam aoe range and radius bigger. Use Vaal Ground slam before you place a new totem, just because you stop movement for half a second when you place a totem.

Other than that, just move around a lot and don't rely on flame dash too much as you might need it to evade ruin or get out of chaos damage clouds.
Arian Targaryen of G3
Updated all upcoming important changes in the changelog at the bottom of the guide. Will execute those changes to the guide sections in the coming days.

Will be a strong build for this scourge league!
Arian Targaryen of G3

will the POB be updated? thanks!
tiagoman wrote:

will the POB be updated? thanks!

Yes, just had to sort some things out first.

Here's the new pastebin: https://pastebin.com/KhhbBZxp

Not a lot has changed, masteries are very welcome for the build and give it some more breathing room for mana reservation along with a nice buff to the leeching power.

Will update the pastebin on main post too.
Arian Targaryen of G3
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It's also worth experimenting with Magebane Keystone instead of Iron Reflexes, since the build gets enough armour with the new armour changes and it could provide approx 70-80% spell suppression from just that Keystone.
Arian Targaryen of G3

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