[3.14] In-Depth 216m Sirus DPS Scion CoC Build Guide (w/ GIFs, Leveling Guide)

Updated PoB for Level 98 (04.06.2021) (216m Sirus DPS) There are two different setups for the build at the end of the guide. Feel free to use one that fits your build the best. I will explain which one fits which situation.

PoB Configuration
-># mana spent is for Indigon/Arcane Cloak synergy,
->RF + Vaal RF is realistic for bosses, not for mapping; and we're talking about Sirus DPS here,
->We're generating Frenzy Charges on bosses with Anomalous Blood Rage,
Other checks are self-explanatory.
I am mostly done with the league; just answering the questions here, doing some maps, double corrupts, gambles, crafts etc. So I won't do huge upgrades from here. I am not planning to go for Level 100.










Hello everyone! Welcome to my in-depth CoC guide for 3.14 Ultimatum League.

First of all, to introduce myself, I am a non-casual PoE gamer, playing this game for like 3k hrs in total. I want to talk a little about why I decided to create this build guide.

I was trying to figure out CoC builds outside of Assassin ascendancy for a while and found Scion builds that absolutely demolish everything with proper investment. While I was researching, I just looked at poe.ninja and tried to copy the builds while I was trying to figure out relations between certain mods and the mechanism of the build. Yeah, with my knowledge of game, I learnt every mechanic of the build but afterwards I figured that there is not a proper guide for this. There are some youtube videos about the build itself but a good guide? I couldn't find. Yeah, some players don't need guides to actually create a build just by copying items but everyone is not that experienced in this game. So I decided to create a guide for people to benefit from.

Anyways, let's get to the work.



We trigger Ice Spear if Cyclone crits thanks to Cast on Crit. So that way we will shotgun Ice Spears on a 6L. We also place Ice Spear and Creeping Frost on 2x Cospri setup so they trigger free, our clear speed utility and damage will be even bigger.

I will talk about actual gem setup and optimal trigger rates, optimal APS values later in guide.


Why Scion?

+Having extra skill points is cool, especially because we are using a Cluster wheel here.
+Getting permanent uptime on flasks, flask effect (Pathfinder)
+Ailment immunity and elemental penetration (Inquisitor)
+With good gearing; more tanky than Occultist, faster than Assassin and while having good points from Inquisitor, Pathfinder is a broken plus here. Because CoC builds heavily rely on crit chance, we use 2 crit flasks and because of Pathfinder basically we have flasks everytime.


+Amazing Clearspeed
+Insane Bossing (literally oneshot everything)
+Good survivability
+Perfect QoL (No totems, placing frost bombs or anything, just press flasks and boom)

-No budget friendly, needs huge investment for actual, non-clickbait oneshots but with some currency you can still melt everything.
-Not as tanky as a Jugg for example, you certainly will die until getting to a certain level and tankiness so probably not HC viable at all.


I will write down the budget options of pieces (if there are) and list the mods according to their priority for the build.

Let's start with unique pieces. We are not really flexible here.



Optimal: Indigon with Ice Spear additional proj. That enchantment will greatly boost both clear and bossing. More proj => More dmg. There is not a better enchantment. ES mod doesn't matter since our ES is zero anyways. Try to get other mods as perfect as possible.

Budget: Indigon without that enchantment. Works perfectly fine.



BiS item for a mana build. with %30+10 MoM, high flat mana and mana regen, it's quite mandatory.

Optimal: +2 proj. corruption. Also to get max. mana roll and mana enchantment.

Budget: Same armour without corruption. Still perfecty fine. Just focus on keeping mana roll as much as possible.



No descriptions needed, Cospri = CoC

Optimal: Additional proj. corruption. Cold dmg to spells mod matters here. Attack speed doesn't matter actually because of that CDR-APS relationship that we will talk about later in guide.

Budget: No corruptions. But you can get good enchantments like accuracy, ele dmg here.



Insane amulet for both defensive and offensive reasons and it's cheap. Blind is an amazing defensive mechanic, especially for Ultimatums and juiced monster packs. This amulet also gives a huge penetration. Don't forget to anoint Crusader here. BiS anointment for a mana build.



We need as much unreserved mana as possible because our mana pool acts as a life pool because of MoM stacking and Agnostic. So we get a free aura that way. Socket Hatred here.

We finished unique gearing. Now let's get into rares with flexible mods. I will list all proper mods with their priority. Get as most mods as possible according to how much currency you have.



Mods: Level 12 Assassin's Mark -> Cold Dmg Against Chilled or Frozen Enemies -> Cold Dmg To Spells and Attacks -> Life/Mana/Res whatever you need.

If you have open prefix and your ring has life mod, craft ''Mana/Dmg Taken Recouped as mana'' here. It's a nice defensive bonus. If you have open suffix you can typically craft increased dmg. Ideally we want Opal Ring (offensive), Vermillion or Cerulean (defensive) bases but they can get really expensive. Two-stone base is also great.



Mods: Dmg With Hits Against Chilled Enemies -> Spell Damage -> Global Crit Chance/Ele Dmg If Crit Recently -> Life/Mana/Res whatever you need. It's very good to craft ''Dmg During Any Flask'' mod here. According to my PoB researches, it's the best dmg mod to craft. So look for a open prefix here, it's big. Note that ideally we want ''Fingerless Silk Gloves'' base for Spell Dmg. It might be really expensive so you can search spell damage as explicit on regular bases. It might save you some currency.

Budget/Optional: Kalisa's Grace with Attack Crit corruption. This is a good budget option especially if you struggle capping your crit chance. Some people are also using Breathstealer. I didn't try it, it works like a mini headhunter. You can check and test it. I take it here as a honorable mention.



Mods: Cooldown Recovery Rate* -> Flask effect -> Dmg With Hits Against Chilled Enemies -> Spell Dmg During Any Flask effect -> Life/Mana/Res whatever you need. Ideally we want Stygian Vise here to get an additional jewel.

Budget: Same belt with Cooldown Recovery Rate -> Life/Mana -> Res.
Having cooldown recovery rate mod is more important than Stygian Vise.



Mods: Cooldown Recovery Rate* -> Movement Speed -> Tailwind -> Life/Mana/Res whatever you need. Ideally we want Two-Toned base here to res cap easier and they look cool.

Budget: Same boots with Cooldown Recovery Rate -> Life/Mana -> Res. Look for other bases than Two-Toned, they have a good chance to be found cheaper.



Must be ''Enduring'' to perma mana regen even if you are full mana.


Crit flasks are BiS for the build. Get ''Increased Duration'' with alt spam easy and craft veiled Crit chance mod.


''Avoid being stunned'' is so important because Cyclone isn't op like before, you can be easily stunned and die especially in lower levels. You can take that veiled mod and combine it with Brine King stun pantheon.


Combined with Inquisitor ascendancy, it's insane. Also bread and butter for a pure crit build. High crit roll is important here.


Our build works with projectiles. We scale insane dmg with the number of projectiles. More proj means more dmg. BiS flask, again.

Budget: We don't have a proper budget option for flasks here, only Bottled Faith is expensive but it's kinda mandatory and so powerful.


1)Unique Jewels

Watcher's Eye


Hatred Crit -> Clarity Dmg Taken Recouped as mana / Clarity %10 MoM (choice)

Budget: Go for hatred crit only but get %1.7 minimum.

Intuitive Leap


Utility Jewel to get important notables and save some points. I took corrupted blood here so I am flexible with rare jewels and flask mods.

Unnatural Instinct


You get Spell Dmg, Movement/Attack/Cast Speed with one jewel. It's kinda BiS for Scion on that area.

2)Rare Jewels


This is a basic example of how our rare jewels should look like.

Just get as much as Crit Multi as possible. Try to get at least two of the following modifiers:

#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Cold Skills
#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
#% to Critical Strike Multiplier while Dual Wielding
#% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells

Additional good modifiers are:

#% increased Spell Damage while Dual Wielding (offensive)
#% increased maximum Mana (defensive)
#% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance

As we have some unique items for gearing, you might struggle to cap your resistances. So just take some res mods from one or two jewels but no more, we are trying to stack crit multi as much as possible.

3)Cluster Jewels

We are using 1 Large + 2 Medium setup. We take the node above Acrobatics because we take it too.

Large: Disorienting Display, Blanketed Snow, Snowstorm

We don't use Snowstorm, it's just for saving points while getting other two nodes. Another option is Prismatic Heart, we don't use it again.

Medium-1: Master of Fear, Wish For Death

BiS for any build that use curses. Free Unnerve and Culling Strike. If you try to get these from gloves, you will pay a lot more. This way you can get another good mods on gloves.

Medium-2: Liquid Inspiration, Spiked Concoction

We are a mana build and we are CoC, which means we rely heavily on crit chance. That's why Liquid Inspiration is BiS because of mana it gives and power charge generation through mana flask. Spiked Concoction is also BiS because of Alchemist's Genius. We spam our flasks more than a regular build as a Pathfinder.


To achieve optimal Ice Spear trigger rate with Cyclone, we need exact numbers on Cooldown Recovery Rate and APS (Attacks-per-second). With enough crit chance and accuracy, if we hit correct numbers, Ice Spear will trigger so efficiently with every Cyclone hit.

For each CDR intervals, we have max APS (per Cospri) that we shouldn't exceed:

%0-13 ; 6.0 APS
%14-52 ; 7.5 APS
%52, %52+ ; 10.1 APS

What is the meaning of this interval? If you achieve %52+ CDR with items + Awakened CoC, you shouldn't have more than 10.1 APS. Otherwise, you will attack faster and every Ice Spear projectiles will not trigger in time. Think this as a sync thing. You can check your true APS in POB's Calculations section after you checked all speed-related mods like tailwind, frenzy charges, onslaught etc.

Because of trigger rates, I recommend skipping onslaught mod in boots because it will decrease your dps while mapping. You will gain onslaught after killing a monster or two and you will exceed APS threshold with all these frenzy charges, some attack speed from blood rage and tree plus that onslaught.

Note that you can only achieve %52 with CDR on Belt, Boots and Awakened CoC Level 5. Without Awakened CoC, stay under certain threshold that I've listed above.

I highly recommend to get %52 CDR with Awakened CoC and mods on Belt and boots. Consistency is everything.


Now I will talk about leveling section and how to efficiently level less than 4 hours.

Just take whatever skill (I prefer some melee skills), a random unique like 2x Redbeaks, Tabula, Goldrim, Seven League Steps in Act 1 until level 12-13. Get to the clostest outer Cluster jewel socket ASAP. When you get there, buy a One with Nothing and start using Hollow Palm Technique. If you don't know what it is, you basically become unencumbered and;

You count as Dual Wielding while you are Unencumbered
60% more Attack Speed while you are Unencumbered
14 to 20 Added Attack Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity while you are Unencumbered

Rest of the guide is at Notes section on leveling tree below.

Leveling tree is super easy, you try to get every dual wielding, small dex, life nodes in general. Every dex means dps for you. Note that you are not crit with Hollow Palm, no need to take crit nodes.

Just a quick example for a leveling tree.


Look for Notes section for tips. I added a Pre-post hollow palm section in Items. This is just a random tree that I prepare and use whenever I level a new character.


Why Low Level Blood Rage?
To keep APS below 10.1 for optimal trigger rate. Check it on your own POB. You can get below 10.1 with Level 4 Blood Rage for example.

How to get %100 Hit Chance without Accuracy mods on jewels?
Accuracy enchantment on Cospri's + Level 21 Precision. Also don't forget to get Acuity node, that's why Intuitive Leap is a priority.

Alternate Quality?
Anomalous Ice Spear gives ''Projectiles Pierce 2 Additional Targets'' which is huge for mapping in general.
Divergent Cyclone is completely optional, %5 movement speed is not that important.
Anomalous Inspiration is huge because we are playing a crit build here.
Anomalous Blood Rage is cool to have for bosses because regular Blood Rage grants Frenzy Charges on kill, not hit. But it's actually optional too.
If you have Divergent Arcane Surge linked to Arcane Cloak you will have perma uptime on Arcane Cloak which is great.

Double Curse?
Level 5 Awakened Hextouch gives additional curse option so we use Assassin's Mark from ring with Ele Weakness from gear. If you can't afford that gem right now, you can skip Assassin's Mark. Upgrade when you have enough. Single curse is fine too.

Why Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics?
Yeah it's 4 points on a non-guaranteed defensive mechanic but we don't have a phys dmg reduction or phys taken as ''x element'' scaling so we need some defensive layer from somewhere. Acrobatics & Phase Acrobatics is good for that.

Atziri's Promise?
It gives a great damage boost with actually permanent Chaos res because of flask uptime but I find it too slow while mapping instead of Quicksilver. It's all about preferance. You can use Atziri's and hit even harder. I feel a lot better with Quicksilver plus that Movement speed + Stun avoid chance mod as long as there is already tons of DPS involved in build.

What's ''# mana spent recently'' for in POB? How do we value it?
You can read Indigon. We use Arcane Cloak to spend %64 of our current (unreserved) mana instantly to pump DPS through Indigon. There are Indigon Dmg Calculators around, I checked them and set an average value on there, it's actually the exact percent that skill says.

Bandit Choice?
Actually Alira is solid for crit builds but nowadays kill all is better imo. We need so many points because of Cluster wheels.


https://pastebin.com/YqDgsxwW (One cluster setup)
https://pastebin.com/P2Wd7QLi (Two cluster setup) (Check Notes)

Which One To Use?

One Cluster setup is safer, overally better for everyone to play. Two Cluster setup is way more powerful in terms of huge DPS but it's still completely realistic; we're not poe.ninja warriors. It's completely playable, I'm playing with two cluster setup for a long time. But again, one cluster setup is a better all-rounder. Never play this build starting directly from two cluster setup. You need to adapt perfectly to the playstyle and have some good chunk of mana. To Conclude;

If you want to use/try out Two Cluster setup:

-Need to be at least Level 96,
-You need to be not struggling with survivability to safely say dying rarely,
-Need to already min-maxed your build to some extent and want to try something hits even harder,
-Need to have decent amount of mana from your rare pieces to sacrifice it a bit

This is the end of the guide for now. Feel free to ask anything from here or in game. My IGN: waltersobchakfanboy

Stay tuned, exile!

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my next build for sure
So happy to see this guide, cant wait to try it. Thank you for this!!!!
This build seems to be fantastic :D
Lvling scion because of that, what level is required to start playing coc and is 100-150ex enough for the beginning?
Last edited by ReqInHeart on May 22, 2021, 6:06:20 AM
ReqInHeart wrote:
This build seems to be fantastic :D
Lvling scion because of that, what level is required to start playing coc and is 100-150ex enough for the beginning?

100-150 exa is obviously a good starter, you pretty much complete the build and min-max from there but there will be a lot to upgrade, which whill be really enjoyable. Upgrading never ends especially for a CoC build because of jewels basically. I also started with ~205 exa while gearing, now I am about 400 exa in, have some upgrades still.

For leveling, I will writedown a leveling section today. But to ''really'' start playing CoC, 80 level is optimal because of Awakened CoC. But you can equip your items and start at 70, it's fine too. Just be aware about your CDR-APS ratio. Otherwise your Ice Spear will trigger inconsistently, you will die during Cyclone because of a zero damage, stunlock or something like that.
Added a very quick leveling section and a solid tree for that. You can check it.
Is it possible to add or change something for herald of ice?
zenface wrote:
Is it possible to add or change something for herald of ice?

With this version it's not possible. You can't swap HoI with Hatred, it's big loss. If you want to use Herald of Ice with CoC builds, there is a LL version. Basically because you use Prism Guardian, don't use Clarity and don't care about unreserved mana because your life pool is your ES, not mana.
zenface wrote:
Is it possible to add or change something for herald of ice?

With this version it's not possible. You can't swap HoI with Hatred, it's big loss. If you want to use Herald of Ice with CoC builds, there is a LL version. Basically because you use Prism Guardian, don't use Clarity and don't care about unreserved mana because your life pool is your ES, not mana.

Ty <3
and what pantheon do you recommend ?

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