3.14.1d Hotfix 2

I experienced many crashes before but rarely lost exp but after this patch my client gets more crashes and my character keeps losing exp. Terrible!
My game is stuck after loading screen to get into login and password menu, roll back your useless patches. WTF is wrong with your progammers, pay them some money, they want to eat to work. So annoying, omg
Accessing 'Clear Cache' button sometimes requires clearing a cache. 🤣
After last Hotfix, i am not able to start the game, stucking "in" the 3 gear logo (gears are really rotten :) ) or in the 2-gear logo. Its get worse and worse.

Btw: after Hotfix 1 i could play..

this hotfix causing so much crashes, as soom as my RX580 8GB VRAM hit around 70% usage the game is guaranteed crash...


ok changing texture quality to medium seems to at least prevent the vram went to 70%. After 3h is playing it just peak at 54% of 8GB
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20% xp gone to garbage programming. was running delve this morning for about 45 minutes with no lag, no fps drops, thought the lag was fixed. then i get hit with a 3 second lag and i was dead... 10% xp lost. 10%, while it's a pain, was not a big deal. went back in and was instantly hit with another 3 second lag and dead again. 20% of hard work gaining xp to try to get to level 96 is now gone to crap performance. i honestly feel like i'm being punished for playing this game. almost to the point that i want the money back i put into it as i feel like i paid for a product and did not receive it. just feel like i've been scammed now.
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so don't use big words like daft LMAO
After this patch, the texture streaming basically does not exist. However, after about 2 hours or so of playtime the game will suddenly become laggy and choppy to the point where I have to Alt + f4 and relaunch client just to clear out whatever the hell is gimping the performance. Restarting the client fixes the problem but I didn't have this issue before the patch. Clearing cache before a zone does not seem to fix the problem (nor should it be a solution but I tried it).

Edit: oh and it begins doing this crazy flicker of polygons all over the screen. That visual glitch has been reported multiple times and fortunately I experienced it leagues ago a few times but now it's back consistently every few hours of the client running.
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zGryffioz wrote:
I experienced many crashes before but rarely lost exp but after this patch my client gets more crashes and my character keeps losing exp. Terrible!

That's just happened to me in a syndicate encounter twice. 20% XP gone!!
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Well if the performance is as bad as the folks above are saying,i sure hope ggg loses a large sum of money. That usually clears 'em up nicely.
If the performance ain't that bad,cool. However i do believe that the performance over-all was much better before this new fancy texture streaming stuff was added. At least,it was for me.
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Crashing non stop since the patch. Nice game.

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