3.14.1d Hotfix

3.14.1d Hotfix:

  • Fixed a common client crash introduced in 3.14.1d that could occur when changing area after encountering a breach.
Last bumped on May 21, 2021, 5:49:58 PM
Client crashed, came to check forums after noticing update, went back in to map, remembered I needed to clear my inventory, clicked portal, crashed.
Before Patch all good, now Crashing when moving from Map into Hideout.
Went in map, got huge lag spikes on and on. Went back to HO, client crash.
Started launcher again, installed the hotfix, started the game, graphic card crash.
Computer restarted. Started POE, graphic card crash.
computer restarted, installed newest Nvidia driver. Started POE, graphic card crash.
Computer restarted, started other games, all fine. Closed them, cleared POE shader cache manually, started POE, POE crashed.

This isn't fixed.
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Not fixed, crashing every time you return to hideout
bvanharjr wrote:
This isn't fixed.

There's still a another crash that some players are having while changing areas, we're working on a fix for this too.
Still not my language if i start the game after patch ^^
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