Douse your enemies in a blazing blue flame with the new Stygian Puncture Effect! This cosmetic effect replaces the standard look of the Puncture skill with haunting blue flames. Check out the video below or get yours here.

Complete your look ghastly look with the Stygian Armour Set, Phoenix Wings, Weapon Effect and Footprints!

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
A blue flame MTX and it's for Puncture, not Burning Arrow?

Blue Holy Flame Totem when?
Looks sick!
With this blueish bleed effect, it makes me think of having ailment MTX.
I would totally drop cash on a ghostflame ignite effect or something like that.
I guess it's better than another cyclone MTX. I guess...
Always love MTX…too bad there isn’t a package for $1 million to get MTX for the next lifetime and back..hehe just kidding obviously! Awesome job! I’ll buy it at some point!
Simple, clean, and effective. I don't use Puncture but if I did, I would definitely consider grabbing this.
Are all these new MTX just a provocation? People want a better game more than useless shit that does nothing to help performance.
I'm more just confused why anyone would use Puncture outside single target.
Great. Now bleeding can actually have the same color and individual effect just like the MTX itself. Why Stygian Fireball still inflict orange ignite? This is bs.

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