[3.14] Gryph's Blaziken Inquisitor! Ngamahu's Flame Fire CoC BF+BB Spin2Win!

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Hey everyone! I wanted to introduce my version of the Ngamahu's Flame Blade Fall + Blade Blast Cast on Critical Strike build...

The Blaziken!


Uber Elder Fight with Maven Witness
Uber Atziri - Full Run
Typical Gryph with a poor Sirus showcase because he sucks at the fight! :D
Sirus, Awakener Level 8
Forge of the Phoenix Map Showcase

Path of Building

This is where my character is at as of writing this:
Plenty of room still for more minmaxing. Do not use this as a guide, but rather a reference point.


-You get to play as an old man swinging a chicken axe around. Spin2Win Baby!
-High eHP + mitigation + recovery make this build quite tanky
-Good to Great to INSANE damage with scaling.
-A "do it all" kind of build. Bossing, Mapping, Delving, and Labbing are all comfortable!
-Fairly simple to put together and budget friendly
-Build named after a Pokemon. :P
-While tanky, we have no actual Dodge or Block. Though we do blind everything we hit.
-Inquisitor is not known for his ZOOM ZOOM! He is an old man with old bones after all. That said, he aint slow either!
-Ngamahu's Flame's Molten Burst skill only procs 20% of the time on hit. This can make the Procs a little unreliable if you have bad RNG. The solution is to, of course, "get gud" :P

The Concept

The concept here is very simple actually:

Use the Chicken Stick to proc Molten Burst and trigger Cast on Critical Strike for Blade Blast while we Cyclone around on our chest links with Cast on Critical Strike + Bladefall to put blades in the ground.

We don't have block or dodge...so how to get tank? The idea is to rely on insane recovery, high HP pool, and spikey damage mitigation.
Well, from Inquisitor Ascendancy itself we get:
-Immunity to Elemental Ailments
-Massive Life+ES regen/Sustain
-Permanent Consecrated Ground

I also link Fortify into Bladefall CoC Links for permanent Fortify. Infused Channeling additionally grants 8% less physical damage taken from hits as well.

Permanent uptime on endurance charges:

From our Helmet:

Damage we take is unlucky. This means all incoming hits get rolled two times and we take the lesser roll. This really helps smooth out the damage we take. Additionally we take no extra damage from critical strikes--lowering our incoming damage taken EVEN MORE.

The idea is that if we can take hits that don't just kill us, we can recover it all back Via Life Leech, Life Regen, Life on Hit, ES Recovery, ES Leech, and ES on Hit--so having a large HP pool is important.

Petrified Blood
The above image of my life globe probably looks super sketchy, BUT! Petrified Blood is an incredible skill that we can utilize for some nice perks.

First of all, any Low Life effects are enabled. The most notable is from the keystone Pain Attunement.

The other effect we want here the ability to have Overleech. As long as you are reserving LESS THAN 50% of your life total, your leech stacks from life leech will not stop as you are never hitting your unreserved maximum life. This is because Petrified Blood prevents all recovery (other than from flasks) from bringing you to above 50%. AKA: you're always low life.


The general idea for my gearing sections is to provide what I consider to be BIS for each piece with my thoughts behind it and potential alternatives.
Gryph's Gear

Required Items - The Axe

Yep, this is the one. Need this item. a 5L is fine if you're on a tight budget but 6L's are only a few exalts right now.
Alternative Weapon

This is a good budget option as a 6L. Shockwave has a cooldown however, so investing into CDR is probably a good idea if you take this route. You'll also need to take magmatic strikes. for 40% phys to fire conversion. Overall not my recommendation, but it's worth mentioning.

Body Armour

This is what I am using...and while this chest is super strong I think we can do a bit better now that I've been able to play the build a bit.

What we want is Attack Crit and the Extra Curse. The rest is pretty flexible as it turns out. I went with Elevated Elemental Resists Warlord mod for the max res and another source of all res.

An alternative would be to use one with Attack Crit + Explodey + Extra Curse. Slap on Power Charge on Crit if you're a god gamer. :P


I spoke about this helmet in the "Defenses" section at length, but the TLDR version is:
We rely on big HP and insane recovery mechanics to not die. Viridi's Veil provides a massive boost to our overall survivability by eliminating damage spikes. The +2 Socketed Gems also helps boost the Enlighten.

This is another excellent option that gives a lot of damage and defenses. This one gives about 10% more damage compared to veil and generally looks better on paper. I think if you can find another source of Critical Damage mitigation I would prefer this over Veil as it also lets you use a rare ring in left slot.

In an early league/SSF scenario a rare with life+resists+accuracy will suffice.


Shaper's Touch is BIS. These gloves single handedly provide decent life, tons of ES, most of our accuracy needs, and a solid boost to Evasion Rating (pairs well with Jade Flask). Also they're cheap as dirt. Even with Ele Weakness Corruption, they are cheap.


I use these for the phys as extra fire damage and massive chaos resistance. You can, however, use some Tailwind boots for extra zoom. Flexible slot for sure.


Stat Stacking Inquisitor? This is BIS. Life+ES+Crit Chance...YUM! Yes, you can get more damage out of a rare +2 Amulet with crit multiplier...however you will need to make up that dexterity loss somewhere. With Astramentis there is no need for dexterity on gear or tree.


I recommend Unset Rings as this build is a bit starved for sockets. In your LEFT Ring slot you will want a blue ring. I suggest alt spamming for Assassin's Mark on hit and bench crafting life or imprint, Aug, Annul+Aug for T1 Life.

For the other ring you can use a circle of Anguish for a nice damage boost or just another rare ring with str+int and whatever resistances you might need. If you do not have the expensive AF Watcher's Eye with both ES and Life on hit, this is a great place to slap on some life gain on hit for spells.


Cyclopean Coil is a great cheap option that gives a nice damage boost and boosts attributes quite a lot. Alas, we do not benefit from the Elemental Ailment mods as we are immune anyways. Dowsides are no chaos res or resistances (unless corrupted)

Ideal is a rare stygian vise with Chaos Res+Increased Attributes+Life+etc...


Rare Jewels

Get Life+resistances+Crit Multi or Crit Multi with Spells on these. ES% is also great. Emphasizing again though, resists on jewels is very good as we can struggle to cap resist due to number of unique items.

Unique Jewels

We want Glorious Vanity - Doryani for Corrupted Soul. This gives 15% of maximum life as extra maximum energy shield and splits the non-chaos damage we take between our life and our ES. This allows us to take full advantage of all of our recovery mechanics.

Medium Ring Thread of Hope goes in the Templar Jewel Socket:

Notables circled in blue are ones you DEFINTIELY take. The ones in the green circles are situationally good. Need Life Regen? take Righteous Army. Want Arcane Surge on Kill? take Arcane Capacitor. Using a different helmet and need reduced crit damage taken? take Sanctum of Thought.

For Watcher's Eye you really want to get your hands on an ES on hit while affected by discipline mod.

Get one with Vitality Life on hit for INSANE recovery akin to old school Vaal pact.

be a god gamer and get a 3 mod jewel like mine. XD

Cluster Jewels

We go for a 2 large + 4 Medium Cluster Setup.

For the large clusters you want Prismatic Heart on both of them for the resistances they provide. From there you will want Doryani's Lesson for life leech and Cremator for corpse removal. Master of Fire is a nice way to get Fire Exposure but is not *essential* as the others are. be okay with 2 node jewels as 3 mod ones get VERY expensive.

For mediums we use one with Evil Eye+Wish for Death for Culling Strike and Blind (need curse on hit gloves for this to work). We do not need master of Fear as Blade Blast Unnerves enemies already.

For the other 3 we want to use Channeling Passive jewels with Rapid Infusion and Precise Focus. We use Divergent Infused Channeling on our Bladefall Links to give us 10% more physical damage and .5% Life Regen which translates to each of these Rapid Infusion nodes giving 5% more damage and .25% life regen each.


We get a ton of increased %Evasion from Shaper's Touch so a Jade Flask gets a lot of value here.

Can use a Diamond Flask until you have a Bottled Faith.

Basalt for Phys mitigation.

Quicksilver...need I say more? ZOOM ZOOM

Cinderswallow is just a great flask. We ignite enemies as well so it's a good DPS flask.

Gems and Links

6L Blade Blast
-Blade Blast
-Cast on Critical Strike
-(Awakened) Increased Area of Effect
Not a large damage multiplier on paper but more AOE=more overlap=more DPS.
-Elemental Focus
-Added Fire Damage
-Fire Penetration
*Controlled Destruction can be used instead of Fire Pen if you have enough crit chance to make up for the 100% reduction

6L Cyclone+Bladefall
-(Divergent) Cyclone
Divergent for more movement speed
-Cast on Critical Strike
leave at 0% quality. we want as small aoe on this as possible
-(Awakened) Spell Cascade
-(Anomalous) Concentrated Effect
This is mostly for single target as the reduction in AOE on Bladefall drastically improves the overlap of Blade Blast blades for a huge DPS multiplier. Consider Infused Channeling or Inc AOE for mapping.
Free Defense in this slot. Can also be Inspiration support if you get a corrupted axe

4L in Helmet. Auras
-Petrified Blood
Gets +2 levels from helmet

4L Gloves - mapping/PVE version
-Flame Dash
Level this, you don't want CWDT proccing it :P. It is in this slot because in glove swap for single target you want it linked to Arcane Surge (see below)
-Ball Lightning
Keep Required Level under 38. This is used as a means of passively recovering life and ES with Life+ES on hit mechanics. It's fantastic while mapping, running Simulacrums, Delve, etc...Also Passively applies combustion debuff
Reduces Enemy Fire Res. This is for damage. Also, someone will ask, level this to max. CWDT doesn't care about support gem level
-Cast When Damage Taken Support
level 1

4L Single Target Gloves Swap
-Storm brand
-(Divergent) Arcane Surge
-Flame Dash

3L Boots
High as possible level and quality
-Herald of Ash
-(Anomalous) Precision
Level as much as you can without going over half life reserved.

Gems in Single Sockets from boots+2x Unset Rings:
-(Anomalous) Blood Rage
Boosts Attack Speed and generates Frenzy Charges while mapping. Anomalous Version gives Frenzy Charges for bossing. Even at 2% chance on hit it's fine given how many hits we have per second.
-(Divergent) Smoke Mine
This is a flex slot for sure. Not everyone like Smoke Mine. I like it for the movement speed and Divergent gives additional attack speed. Can consider using Steelskin instead.
Extra Regen is great. Particularly if you have a watcher's eye with Life gain on hit or life leech. If you don't have the Watcher's Eye then this is a flex slot as well.

Bandits, Pantheon, and Ascendancy

Bandits = Help Alira for Resists and Crit multi. Eventually Spec into Kill All for passives.

For Pantheons:
Major: Brine King unless you have 100% stun avoidance, Arakaali is Chaos Res is low, or Lunaris for mapping.

Minor: Shakari for Chaos mitigation, Gruthkul for phys mitigation, Ralakesh for Labs



Leveling is pretty easy actually. Start by muling an Explosive Trap from another class for level 1. Use Explosive Trap and Holy Flame Totem(lvl 4) to level from 1 to 38. At 38 you get access to Unleash and can use:

Bladefall - Unleash - spell cascade - faster casting
Blade Blast - Controlled Destruction - Increased AOE - Elemental Focus

And yeah you can take this all the way to 55 when you have access to the Axe. OR just take it to maps/70-ish when you're ready to swap.

Take Righteous Providence first while leveling to get the crit chance you'll need to be Cast on Crit.
Ascendency Order

Leveling Tree - Picture Mode!

After this point fill out cluster jewels and slot in Medium Thread of Hope in Templar jewel socket to save points.

Ask, questions and I'll put them here. :D
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At what "gear tier" will this build be able to do bosses to farm currency etc somewhat comfortable? :) Been doing the assassin version of CoC BFBB but its lacking so much in the defence department that I've been looking for other options for my Ngahamu chicken.

Also any tip/recommendation for leveling? :)
kaygee82 wrote:
At what "gear tier" will this build be able to do bosses to farm currency etc somewhat comfortable? :) Been doing the assassin version of CoC BFBB but its lacking so much in the defence department that I've been looking for other options for my Ngahamu chicken.

Also any tip/recommendation for leveling? :)

Well, I really don't think the gear requirements are all that extensive to be honest. You definitely want an attack crit chest and the pile of unique items I have listed (which are pretty cheap). A lot of the cost ends up being in cluster jewels as the large fire ones are expensive to get 3 notables. But even those can be 2 notables and just spend more passives on the one.

Boots+Right Ring are also very flexible so you can get a lot of resists on those if needed.

Str+Int is great.

Astramentis makes everything easier. Don't sleep on it.

For leveling I would mule an explosive trap at level 1 and use that+holy flame totem(level 4) until level 38 when you can do self cast BF+BB. Can switch to CoC at 55 with the axe and your first Lab done for Righteous Providence.

I'll be streaming in about an hour as well if you have more questions.

Made more updates to the guide. Only missing the gems and links section at the moment.

I am currently streaming the build against some end game content in case anyone wants to see that:

Nice updates to the guide! One thing I would love to see/know is when to start using all the different auras etc, especially with the new life reserving gems and stuff :)
kaygee82 wrote:
Nice updates to the guide! One thing I would love to see/know is when to start using all the different auras etc, especially with the new life reserving gems and stuff :)

hey, that's a good point. I can add something to the guide for that.

To answer the question though:

You can go Petrified Blood as early as is comfortable. I like to do it once I have my Glorious Vanity slotted in and Life as Extra ES craft going but You can do it before then. Just PRO TIP! Turn off pet Blood for labs. :P
I have a 6 linked reaper's pursuit so at 33 I swapped to the BL/BB setup but changed CoC to Cast on Channeling on the cyclone, I also tried copying most of the aura setup and stuff which was a REALLY bad idea..! :P
kaygee82 wrote:
I have a 6 linked reaper's pursuit so at 33 I swapped to the BL/BB setup but changed CoC to Cast on Channeling on the cyclone, I also tried copying most of the aura setup and stuff which was a REALLY bad idea..! :P

Well, Reaper's Pursuit doesn't have a built in attack on it. :P

We use Ngamahu's Flame because we trigger Molten Burst from it with Cyclone. THis is why I suggest starting at 55 with the CoC Setup--so you can use the Axe.
Thanks for the build, I am going to respect my Inquisitor into it :-)
One question, can we do withtout the bottled faith and the Watcher's eye ?
Currently these are out of my reach.
Thanks !

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