[3.14] [HCSSF] Herald Of Agony Raider (2 mil DPS) | 1000+ Life gained on hit /s | 8k+ Life

Welcome to my first build guide.

Just to give a small background on myself, I've been playing HCSSF mostly for the past few years, first fell in love with the Herald of Agony skill in Metamorph where I played a Herald Of Agony max block gladiator.

Just a quick disclaimer of my skill level, I'm consistently able to reach high 90s (multiple level 99 characters that are now dead) but have only managed to reach level 100 once (the current build). Note that I don't think getting to level 100 is very difficult, it simply requires a huge time investment and a level of self control to not attempt dangerous content.

Herald of agony is a skill that requires very little investment for just enough damage to clear most content, allowing you to invest heavily into defensive mechanics.

However, the play style is incredibly slow despite being a raider, and players who wish to zoom should probably look for a faster build.

This build has been played to level 100 on HCSSF, so it should be a solid build all round. I did end up dying to uber elder due to inexperience more than anything, but it should also be a solid boss killer.

Without further ado, let's get into the build.


Levelling is by far the most difficult part of any Herald Of Agony build. The skill is not very good during the campaign and so requires a huge respec before endgame.

You can level with whatever skill you wish, but I personally went with Toxic Rain, which doesn't require anything specific gear wise.

While levelling, we can simply use a Silverbranch, even on a 4L, it will carry us through the campaign. Those who can't trade and don't have a Silverbranch, can use a bow with high attack speed. All other pieces of gear are simply there to fill resists and if you're lucky, some life.

In order to ensure a smooth transition into Herald of Agony, grab one in act 2 as soon as you can and start levelling it in your offhand.

Path Of Building Community Fork pastebin:

The pastebin includes the leveling trees and the endgame SSF tree.

You are free to play around with other ideas, some examples that I have attempted to tinker with are:

Elder Helmet with +3 to minion skill gem level and supported by minion damage paired with a Kaom's heart (unfortunately this is a bit hard to obtain in SSF).

Divine Flesh Keystone through glorious vanity.

Any influenced Chest with +1 to Dex skill gems (by fossil crafting) and physical damage taken as x element.

Respec guide

The transition to Herald of Agony can be somewhat daunting for newer players as it requires a huge overhaul of the skill tree and gems and links, together with a switch in play style.

During the initial transition, we can grab any one handed sword with a 1.55 base attack speed (sabre, cutlass, corsair sword) and throw the highest Essence of Fear we have on it.

There are a few important nodes that are mandatory for the build to function, resolute technique and essence sap are needed so that we can run lancing steel without worrying about accuracy or mana costs.

These are later respec'd out of when we are able to get a viridian jewel with +2 mana gained on hit, and multimodded weapon with hits cannot be evaded.

Gear explanation:


In the weapon slot, we just need a high attack speed sword with an Essence of Fear slapped on it, we pray to RNGesus to grant us with poison chance or a high attack speed roll. Then craft trigger for desecrate, spirit offering and sniper's mark. Later on, multicrafting for hits cannot be evaded saves us the 4 points needed for resolute technique.


It's possible to use something else, but the frenzy charges given to our Herald Of Agony gives us something like 25% more damage. That's hard to give up. If we were somehow able to keep spectres alive, we could drop this and use Saffell's frame, but I couldn't find a way to keep spectres alive.


Life and resists. If we later find a high ilvl elder helm, we can craft it to put our main links into the helmet and use a kaom's heart instead.

Body Armour:

Good for overall tankiness if we can overcome the drawback of the negative resists. An alternative would be any influenced chest piece with their corresponding physical damage taken as x element/chaos damage.


Life, resists and movement speed. Ideally we would prefer evasion bases.


Elder gloves to provide us with an extra link to fit in withering touch. This isn't really necessary, but the damage boost is quite significant.


Life and resists, gravepact is anointed since its the best all round node, but for single target, it might be better to get marked for death since culling strike is essentially 10% more damage, more than any other node could give.


Life and resists.


More life and resists.


Even more life and resists.


Replace Pierce with vile toxins for single target.

Defensive Mechanics:

55% attack dodge
45% spell dodge
Wind Dancer
35% Physical Damage from hits taken as Lightning damage
8k+ life
Ailment Immunity by virtue of being Raider
High Life gained on hit through LGOH gem with Lancing Steel



Unfortunately after I reached level 100 (which was my main goal for this league) I decided to do progressively more dangerous bosses until the character died (it died to Uber Elder, due to inexperience). Which I never ended up recording either. The only video I ended up recording was a single T16 Chimera map clear, but it should give a reasonable idea of how the build plays.
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thank you for the build :) awesome !

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