[3.15] Mr__Khan's 1400% Movement Speed Lab Runner (Wave of Conviction Trap Pathfinder)

3.16 Youtube Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCSP1Iwfmpg

3.17 Update: You can use the new unique jewel that sets you to 0 ES instead of needing Agnostic!!! Most of the build is the same but I'm not playing this league, come chat in discord for help. https://discord.gg/zQtvUVMqCk

My name is Mr__Khan. I've been one of the top lab runners for the past 3 leagues

Follow me on Youtube!

I stream on Twitch. https://twitch.tv/mr__khan

I answer questions on my discord 24/7

Note: Harvest Lab == Gift/Dedication/Tribute Lab

Note: Due to nerfs in 3.14 to quicksilver + smoke mine, we realistically can't push 1400% movement speed in a min/max setup. And with chainbreaker nerf, it is much better QoL to drop berserk buff effect enchant on scolds and instead use 40% less rage loss. This puts our min/max build around 1200% movement speed realistically. The budget build will have you around 650-750 movement speed.




  • About this Build
  • Leveling / League Start
  • Ascendency + Pantheons
  • Passive Trees
  • Gem Setup
  • Gear & Flasks
  • TL;DR and PoB


About this Build


+ Fastest non-HH buffed build in the game
+ 2-4 Minute Lab Runs
+ Insta-phase Izaro w/ Traps
+ "Alch and Go" Playstyle
+ Cheap to Start

- Expensive to Min/Max
- Mandatory Gear Swaps (run setup =/= “kill” setup)
- Mostly LAB ONLY (not recommended for mapping/HC)
- Knowledge of Bases/Enchants needed to min/max profit
- Complicated Combo required to Instaphase Izaro

Main Mechanics of this Build

Reverse Chill: We use the Winterweave ring to reverse the effects of Chill. To trigger the chill, we use a 5-Link Phase Run in our Queen of the Forest with Scold's Bridle and then we convert that Physical Damage to Cold damage with an implicit modifier on our shield. We use an Auxium to make chill effects based on our Energy Shield, and the Agnostic Keystone to make our Energy Shield 0 which maximizes the Action Speed we get from being chilled. The reason we need a 5-Link Phase Run is because we need a high mana cost Phase Run. A 5-Link provides more mana multiplier.

Berserk + Rage Regen: Berserk Skill Gem offers a "MORE" modifier, and at level 20 can give us 30% more movement speed (as opposed to "increased" movement speed). Therefore, it is singlehandedly one of the best ways to improve our speed. It also adds a bit of damage mitigation which is nice to have. We use the Akoya variant of the Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel to allocate Chainbreaker.

For good berserk uptime, we try to get Mana Regen affixes on our Amulet and Ring, which can be achieved easily with Essence crafting. We can also optionally enchant our boots with 35% Mana Regen, and use the Helm Enchant "Berserk has 40% reduced rage loss per second" to increase our Berserk uptime to help guarantee a smooth running experience. Due to the nerfs to how rage works in the 3.14 Patch, it is very difficult to keep the Lethal Pride socketed during the Izaro Kill Phase because it makes our traps cost lots of rage. To avoid this, we swap out our socketed Lethal Pride before the Izaro fights.

Trap Trigger AoE: During the Izaro fight, we preemptively lay our traps at his rising podium. We want to make sure our Trap Trigger AoE is high enough to ensure they all instantly go off when he is at the top of the podium. I prefer playing with above 320% Trap Trigger AoE. There isn't an exact amount, but

# of Traps: Saboteur, Master Sapper, and Anomalous Multiple Traps Support can increase the # of traps we can preemptively throw which helps get the necessary damage needed for instaphasing Izaro. In 3.15, we also have access to the trap mastery which adds 5 additional traps.

Gear Swapping: This build requires "swapping" items, most notably our Helm and Armour pieces. The running setup uses a Queen of the Forest + Scold's Bridle, and the kill setup which uses a 6-Link Wave of Conviction + Bricked Blight Helm w/ Double Anoint. However, there are also benefits to doing additional swaps. Most notably, increasing the amount of swaps can help reduce the cost of investment by enabling us to easily increase damage. For example, if we swap out our Auxium Belt before we kill Izaro, we can swap in a String of Servitude with 60% Hatred Effect and 75% Crit Multi. This belt can be sniped on trade for only a few exalt but easily allows us to make up for lacking 100 exalt investment into good sceptres.

Another example is swapping in a Diamond Flask for our Stibnite/Jade Flask before Izaro. This swap helps boost our damage to hit the necessary breakpoint needed for i83 Enriched Uber Labs. Finally, we do have to swap out our Lethal Pride to not get Rage starved while executing our full kill combo on Izaro. Yes, it can seem like a lot of swapping which is a huge negative of this build, but swapping can be vitally important to allowing us to complete Harvest Labs on our Early League / Budget build.

List of Item Swaps
  • Armour MANDATORY
  • Flask 1 (Stibnite for Diamond) Optional
  • Flask 2 (Quicksilver for Bottled Faith, or other damage flask) Optional
  • Belt (Auxium for String of Servitude w/ Hatred/Crit/CritMulti

Evasion Cap: Our evasion # that we aim for is 45,000 for the Queen of the Forest interaction.

We are constantly hitting ourselves! Any Affix that says "If you have not been hit recently" will NOT work for us, because we hit ourselves every 2 seconds with Phase Run to proc reverse chill via Scold's Bridle.

Mandatory Uniques

Recommended Uniques


Leveling / League Start


For Ultimatum League, my league-starter was Asmodeus' Toxic Rain Balista Pathfinder, and transitioned into Zizaran's Toxic Rain Self-Cast Pathfinder to run Uber Lab by Day 2.

Asmodeus' TR Balisa Forum Guide is amazing because it has an in-depth leveling guide with detailed PoB. I was able to hit maps in around 4hours45mins with this setup.

Zizaran's Self-Cast TR PoB: Go into the PoB and click on the Skill Trees, then navigate to Pathfinder. Because the main part of the guide is for raider. I used a 1 socket Quill Rain + 6 Socket Tabula and threw in a phase run.

We transitioned into a WoC Trap Build by Day 3/4 with around 5-6 Exalt. Biggest cost was probably gems because we didn't want to level ours.

Bandits: Kill all

Note: To use PoB you need the PathOfBuildingCommunity fork.


Ascendency + Pantheons


Nature's Boon - The main reason we are Pathfinder
Veteran Bowyer - Adds a lot of damage to our traps
Nature's Adrenaline - Nothing else to grab, good movement speed which helps survivability
Flask Effect and Charges Gained - Nothing else to grab, better than Master Surgeon
Flask Effect and Duration - Nothing else to grab, better than Master Surgeon

For our last ascendency we do not take Master Alchemist, it prevents us from self-chilling. Instead we take the small nodes which offer better QoL through flask uptime.


Soul of Lunaris

The movement speed and phys damage reduction are pretty meh, but the captures are OP.

Capture Ancient Architect:
10% Chance to Avoid Projectiles

Capture Shock and Horror:
5% Chance to Dodge Attack and Spell Hits if you've been hit recently
(This is OP because we constantly hit ourselves with Phase Run + Scold's to proc Reverse Chill)

Soul of Ryslatha

Helps with Life Flask uptime. We want to anticipate damage coming from traps, and always be able to flask up to full. Always have your finger on the life flask! This Pantheon combined with the Flask nodes on the Tree + Pathfinder Ascendency gives us some insane uptime on our Life Flask.

Capture Gorulis:
60% Increased Life Recovery From Flasks used when on low life
(Not needed because one flask usually tops us off, but can be good to get anyways)


Passive Trees


Uber Lab requires around 150k dmg per trap w/ 24 traps to Insta-Phase Izaro. Because of this we can use most of our gear + passive tree to stack movement speed.

Consider an Uber Lab build if you are in early league, do not want to invest into gift build (which can cost around 100ex to feel comfortable), or you just want to play in Uber lab which has a much more relaxed playstyle. Gift Lab can be stressful because the monsters have turbo, and one-hit is a death sentence. Uber Lab is still very profitable

Gift/Tribute/Dedication Labs require around 1.1-1.2mil dmg per trap w/ 24 traps. Because of this we use most of our gear + passive to stack damage until we are able to afford better gear. Note: We lose a lot of movement speed when using this tree, which also decreases our survivability, but ensures we can Instaphase Izaro.

Check PoB for Trees (There are multiple trees within the PoB)


Gem Setup

Running Setup

This is our running setup for navigating the traps within the Labyrinth.


Phase Run - Second Wind - Increased Duration - Enhance - Empower - (OPTIONAL) Berserk

Phase Run needs to be in a 5-Link to ensure its mana multiplier is high enough to give us enough self-damage to proc chill on ourselves with capped cold resistance. When we use Phase Run it needs to cause enough physical damage from Scold's Bridle which is then converted to Cold Damage by the "% of Physical Damage From Hits Taken As Cold Damage" implicit in our shield. I believe you can technically get by with a 4-Link if you have an 8% Implicit in your shield + a level 4 empower, but we don't really have anything else to 5/6-Link in our running setup. The reason we rely on Phase Run to proc our reverse-chill is because we can get it to below two seconds of cooldown which allows us to have 100% uptime of chill, which lasts 2 seconds. Note: The ideal cooldown of Phase Run is somewhere around 1.95 seconds, .05 seconds helps account for latency. Superior 21/23 is cheap. IMPORTANT NOTE: Only use Phase Run AFTER your Berserk is cast or else Phase Run will be cancelled. When Running your combination should be: Load into Room -> Berserk -> Phase Run

Second Wind helps reduce cooldown time of Phase Run, and adds a mana multiplier. 20/20 is fine, but league start anything works

Increased Duration helps ensure our Phase Run lasts longer than its cooldown, and adds a mana multiplier. 20/20 is fine, but league start anything works

Enhance increases our movement speed by improving the quality of Superior Phase Run, and adds a mana multiplier. Use lvl 3 for budget/league start

Empower increases the level of Phase Run which also increases its mana cost. It also adds a mana multiplier. Use lvl 3 for budget/league start

Berserk is OPTIONAL because we can run it in a 4 Link in our boots since this running setup has little "socket pressure". However, if you can get a 6-Link QotF I recommend socketing in a Berserk so you can double dip your enhance/empower/second wind gems. Only reason to not socket this in Chest is if you're trying to use divergent berserk w/ tons of mana regun on Izaro (very uncommon use-case this patch, I only know of one runner doing this -- needs high budget build + good timing)



Smoke Mine - Efficacy - Empower - Increased Duration

Smoke Mine is another way we can boost our movement speed. Since we don't have much socket pressure, we can 4-link it for better uptime. Generally you only need to cast it once per room, but in longer rooms (golden key rooms) you will need to monitor its uptime. Use Anomalous Smoke Mine if you want to min/max QoL, but it is not needed. We use a 4-link cause there isn't much socket pressure in our running setup.

Efficacy boosts uptime of Smoke Mine. Use Anomalous Efficacy if you want to min/max QoL, but it is not needed.

Empower is used to boost Smoke Mine Movement Speed contribution. It gives 1% increased movement speed per level. This is for min/max and not needed. Use Empower level 3 for budget, level 4 if you want to min/max.

Increased Duration boosts uptime of Smoke Mine. 20/20 is fine.



Haste - Grace - Enlighten

Haste gives us movement speed and also allows us to use the Watcher's Eye affix % Increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Movement Skills Used While Affected By Haste which helps get our Phase Run CD below 2 seconds.

Grace is very important because it helps get our evasion to 45,000 for Queen of the Forest's affix 1% Increased Movement Speed Per 600 Evasion Rating, up to 75%.

Enlighten is not needed, but helps Quality of Life. It always sucks when you enter a new room with no mana to cast Smoke Mine / Phase Run.



Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken

Immortal Call is kept at level 3 to be triggered by CWDT. It is a good defensive ability to help vs traps + mobs. There is some debate whether or not Steelskin is better, but I prefer Immortal Call.

Cast When Damage Taken is kept at level 1 to trigger Immortal Call.



Charged Dash

Charged Dash can be used to go through doors, or get out of a pack of mobs if you get "stuck". There are certain scenarios when doors are lined up in a straightaway (in certain Sanitorium Rooms) where Charged Dash can be optimal but it is very very situational. I mostly only use Charged Dash in the rare event that my Phasing runs out, e.g. your Phase Run can be canceled if Berserk or Smoke Mine is cast, so you may get blocked by Mobs, in this case I spam Charged Dash. Only tap your charged dash briefly! It uses up a lot of rage. So use it sparingly.

Izaro Kill Setup

This is our swap setup for Killing Izaro. Helm/Armour/Sceptres.



Wave of Conviction - Trap and Mine Damage - Divergent Trap - Anomalous Multiple Traps - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus(3b/3g) > Empower(1r/2b/3g) > Hypothermia(2b/4g)

Wave of Conviction is our main damage ability. It applies cold exposure, allows us to double dip Phys as Extra, and scales well with +levels. I think most importantly it goes of instantly with a wide AoE when Izaro pops up from his podium. 21/23 Superior WoC is best because we get a lot of conversion from Hrimsorrow.

Trap and Mine Damage Support has a more dmg modifier, so it's mandatory.

Trap Support is mandatory to turn WoC into traps. We preemptively lay them as Izaro rises to insta-phase him. Divergent Trap Support is recommended for added trap trigger AoE.

Multiple Traps Support is mandatory for the damage and trap # increase. Anomalous allows 2 extra traps for more damage. Superior adds trap trigger AoE. I prefer and recommend Anomalous, but if you are just doing Uber lab then Superior is fine.

Concentrated Effect has a "more" damage modifier, so it's really hard to beat. It's also somewhat cheap. 20/20 is fine.

^The setup above is Mandatory^. The rest depend on what Skin of the Loyal Implicits you can get. Perhaps you can use another body armour if you already have it.

Elemental Focus is for if you have a 3b/3g base. Best Base would be a +2/+2 duration/aoe implicit Skin of the Loyal 3b/3g for this setup. For Uber Lab a Tabula will work. Use a +1 or +2 if you cannot find a +3 or +4 base if trying to increase damage.

Empower is for if you have a 3g/2b/1r base. Best base for this would be a +1 socketed / +2 aoe or duration Skin of the Loyal for this setup. For Uber lab use a Tabula and run Elemental Focus.

Hypothermia is for if you have a 4g/2b base. +2/+2 duration/aoe implicit Skin of the Loyal would be best for this setup. For Uber Lab just run Elemental Focus.


Sceptre 1

Divergent Righteous Fire - Enhance - Empower

Divergent Righteous Fire adds 44% more spell damage. This is huge. We enhance/empower it for more damage.

Enhance adds to the Divergent Qual of Righteous Fire. Around 20% increased spell damage. Can run a level 3. Level 4 will help min/max damage for Harvest Labs.

Empower adds to the level of Divergent Righteous Fire to give us more spell damage. Can run a level 3. Level 4 will help min/max damage for Harvest Labs.


Sceptre 2

Hatred | Herald of Ash | Precision

Hatred is a huge damage boost. One of the auras we "piano" after setting traps. Lvl 20 is fine, Lvl 21 is good for min/max.

Herald of Ash is another damage boost. One of the auras we "piano" after setting traps. I think just lvl 19 is needed.

Precision is optional, but recommended if you're lacking damage while pushing to be able to do Harvest Labs.



Summon Skitterbots - Arrogance - Bonechill - Unbound Ailments

Summon Skitterbots adds a more damage modifier to our traps, and also allows us to stack a few support gems for more cold damage. Divergent Summon Skitterbots is preferred. Note: There is concern that if you run too far from your traps that Skitterbots won't work, though this needs more testing. If that is the case, however, then perhaps we shouldn't use Divergent Skitterbots and would opt for Anomalous Summon Skitterbots. If anyone knows about this interaction, hit me up on Discord or in-game!

Arrogance Support is mandatory for us because we want to be low-life when our traps trigger. This allows us to benefit from the Pain Attunement Keystone which grants 30% more damage while on low-life.

Bonechill Support is a great damage support for Skitterbots because enemies that are chilled take more damage. There used to be some doubt that Izaro could be chilled but I'm 99% sure it works.

Unbound Ailments Support is a common support used with Bonechill/Skitterbots. Use Awakened Unbound Ailments if you want to min/max. Level 5 Awakened is fine. Level 6 adds only a few thousand damage.


Rest Of Gear

Since we don't swap our boots and gloves, these will be present in our running and killing setup.


Gloves 2-Link

Storm Brand - Culling Strike

Storm Brand is used to proc Culling Strike on Phase 3 of Izaro. Cast it after your auras + Righteous Fire.

Culling Strike is our finisher after the traps go off for Phase 3 of Izaro.


Gloves 2-Link

Arcane Surge - Arcane Cloak

Arcane Surge is used to add more damage to our traps. It is proc'd by using Arcane Cloak. Use Divergent if you want, but it is not needed at all, it just adds 2 seconds uptime if you accidentally proc Arcane Cloak too early.

Arcane Cloak is mainly used to proc Arcane Surge after the 3.13 nerfs to Auras being able to proc Arcane Surge. I use a 19/20 because the int requirement is high. Divergent isn't needed, it literally only adds like 300 dps.



Note: If you have Berserk in your 6-Link QotF then you won't need to use that setup here.

Phase Run(Level 1) | Berserk - Empower - Second Wind

Phase Run This is our second Phase Run. It can be level 1 and unlinked. We use it for its stealth capability. After proccing all of our auras in any Izaro Phase, or Storm Brand in Phase 3, use this Phase Run (as the other one is socketed in your QotF which will be in your inventory at this point). This Phase Run reduces the chance for Izaro to trigger his attack animations. This not only reduces the chance he will kill you, but also saves around 5 seconds of his animation cycle.

Berserk is already covered earlier in the guide, but its "more" movement speed modifier is OP.

Empower is used to add to the "more" movement speed modifier when Berserk gets more levels.

Second Wind helps improve the uptime of berserk.


Gear and Flasks


Running Setup


Ichimonji Trade Link



Any shield with Physical Damage From Hits Taken as Cold Damage works, however I recommend a Perepiteia or Chernobog's Pillar. Perepeteia Best in Slot, try for as close to 20% movement speed if you can. Chernobog is an amazing option too. It has no movement speed but gives a lot of life + fire resist. Another great option is Lioneye's Remorse, it takes away movement speed but has an incredible amount of +life which helps for survivability.

Perepeteia Trade Link
Lioneye's Remorse Trade Link
Chernobog's Pillar Trade Link

Brinerot or Manastorm could be good for added mana regen for Berserk uptime, but perhaps Manastorm's affix taking all mana could be annoying. It might work with Enduring Mana Flask but I have not tested it. Anyways, any rare shield is fine with implicit Physical Damage From Hits Taken as Cold Damage.

Note: DO NOT use Mistwall. It gives a chance to not apply chill.



Queen of the Forest
QotF Trade Link

Note: For QotF you want high evasion roll to help get evasion to 45,000. High resists are preferred. If you can afford it get a 6-Link and throw Berserk in with your Phase Run, they share the same supports. Corruption implicits can be good, but are pretty expensive so don't worry about them.



Scold's Bridle
Scold's Trade Link

My preferred enchant is Berserk has 40% reduced Rage loss per second for the Berserk Uptime and general QoL; this enchant is also best if there are ever really long rooms like the Golden Key room, especially Mansion Enclosure. Berserk Effect will give the most speed, and Smoke Mine Speed is probably equal to Berserk Effect this league because Smoke Mine has more uptime. Generally the rule is "If you have GG Mana Regen, then go for Berserk Effect -- else go for Berserk 40% reduced Rage loss"



Hrimsorrow Wiki
Hrimsorrow Trade Link

Hrimsorrow are my favorite item to increase our damage. They have great conversion, cold res, and the implicit modifier is amazing.

There are a few options to get a curse in our build, so it is possible we can run gloves without implicit ele weakness on hit. One option is using Blasphemy Support with Elemental Weakness in our boots; this would require 6-linking our Queen of the Forest and running berserk in it.

Another option is you can get a curse on hit Rare ring, but this would make it harder to craft mana regen for QoL + resists, so the budget may go up.

If you are able to run blasphemy support or get a curse on hit ring, then the BiS Gloves would be the ones present in my Ritual Gear League, or for Ultimatum League you would try to get Unnerve on Hit + Spell Dmg Affix on Fingerless Silk Glove Base, then craft conversion.

Note: Hextouch Support w/ Storm Brand is usually too slow to attach to Izaro-- we need the curse to be active before our traps trigger on Izaro.

BiS Hrimsorrow are double implicit with +% spell crit / elemental weakness on hit.

Gloves from Ritual League -- something like this would be ideal if Harvest comes back. Of course, these gloves are impossible to craft now, but I put them here to show which affixes are good for damage if Hrimsorrow are unavailble, and if you use the curse-on-hit ring, or even the blasphemy support option.

Rare Gloves if Hrimsorrow aren't available. The conversion is very important!



For budget boots, I would recommend 30% Movement Speed and as much Resistances as you can stack. Missing Strength and Additional Life are nice to have. Prefer an Evasion Base if you can get it! You do not need: 35% movement speed, or Onslaught Implicit.

Boot Stat Priorities:
  • Cannot be Frozen Craft
  • Resistances
  • Movement Speed (Can use 32% Movement Speed Essence Craft if Boots aren't iLvl 86)
  • Missing Str (Can downgrade Berserk if not enough strength)
  • Evasion Base to help reach 45,000 evasion w/ Stibnite Flask
  • Onslaught Implicit (If really rich, or investing a lot in the build)
  • Life

Craft: Cannot be Frozen Or else you will die very often! This is the reason I do not recommend Seven-League Steps.
Enchant: Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently, or 70% Mana Regen for QoL



Auxium Trade Link
Corrupted Auxium Trade Link

Chill Effect and Freeze Duration on you are based on 100% of Energy Shield

The Auxium Belt allows us to use the Agnostic Keystone to ensure our action speed is capped at 1.3. The only stats that matter are potential implicits, else just pick one up for 2 chaos.

Auxium Implicit Options, Choose which you need for your build!
  • All Res for capping resists
  • Crit multi during flask effect, for more damage
  • Grace Effect, to help cap evasion
  • Hatred Effect, to help damage
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance during any Flask Effect, to help damage
  • Increased % Max Life for more survivability


Ring 1

This is the most important part of our reverse chill setup!

Winterweave Trade Link
Winterweave Implicit Trade Link

Good implicits on Winterweave: All res, Grace effect, Hatred Effect, Global Phys Damage, # dmg to spell and attacks

Grace effect helps cap evasion for QotF
Hatred effect adds good damage
Global Phys Damage also adds good damage
All res is great for capping resist since we're using Hrimsorrow


Ring 2

Use this ring to cap your resists, and optionally stack as much Mana Regen as you can for better Berserk uptime.

Cogwork Ring could be good, or any ring with a bunch of res.

BiS Synth Ring with Mana Regen + Movespeed (RARE)
Rare Rings with Res + Mana Regen

This base is best, but really rare. Craft it with Deafening Essence of Misery for better Berserk Uptime.

I've been using this ring since day 3/4 of the league. The STR is nice to have, but I mostly just cared about capping resistances and stacking mana regen for Berserk uptime.

Catalyst: Life and Mana Modifiers For Mana Regen



There are a lot of different things we can prioritize with our amulet. It is situational. Since this build uses a lot of uniques, we really only have our amulet, one ring, and our boots to "fill in the gaps". If you are going for Harvest Labs, amulet can be a great to add more damage. If you are looking for more survivability you can look for Resistances. If you are looking for better consistency with your berserk uptime, go for Mana Regen.

If pushing for damage, go for a +1 or +2 (Fire/Int/Lightning) Like this. +2 Amulet Trade Link

Here is an example of a budget Amulet you can use: This is the one I am using.

Amulet Stat Priorities:
  • +1 Int/fire/lightning/phys all skill gems (Needed for harvest lab)
  • Mana Regen
  • Resistances
  • Crit multi / Crit Chance (Needed for harvest lab)
  • Missing Str if needed for shield or berserk requirements
  • Movement Speed
  • Life

Catalyst: Life and Mana Modifiers For Mana Regen
Anoint: Freedom of Movement


Izaro Phasing Gear


Sceptres / Statsticks

Budget Uber Lab Sceptre Trade Link

Look for an open prefix to craft "Gain 3%/4% of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage" on your sceptre, or look for the Temple Mod "Tacati"

Sceptre Stat Priorities:
  • +1 Int/fire/lightning/phys all skill gems
  • Crit multi / Crit Chance
  • Open Prefix to craft 3%/4% non-chaos as extra chaos damage, or Tacati Temple Mod
  • Hatred Aura Effect (Redeemer)
  • Phys to extra cold damage (Redeemer)

Craft: Grants 1% Increased Elemental Damage per 2% Quality



Our armour is another important way to boost damage. But, generally if you are running Uber Lab then all you really need is a Tabula Rasa. You can look for cheap corruptions on Tabula, or just go for a Skin of the Loyal which should be reasonably affordable; just make sure you get a 3b3g. Remember, you cannot change the colors of sockets in a Skin of the Loyal.

Uber Lab


Tabula Rasa
Corrupted Tabula Rasa Trade Link

Skin of the Loyal
Skin of the Loyal 3b/3g Trade Link


Harvest Lab


Harvest Lab is ANY level 83 lab: Dedication, Tribute, or Gift

For harvest lab, we really want a +1/+2 corruption at the least on a Skin of the Loyal. Eventually aim for a +3/+4. +3 is slightly better than a +4 if you are running Empower, else go for a +4.

3g3b > 3g2b1r > 4g2b > 4g1r1b > 3g1b2r

Use Concentrated Effect > Elemental Focus and prefer +2/+2 aoe/duration corruption for blue sockets
Use Empower 4 and prefer +1 level of socketed gems corruption if red socket
Use Hypothermia and prefer +2/+2 aoe/duration corruption if extra green socket
Use Awakened Added Fire Damage and prefer +1 level of socketed gems corruption if you have to use 2 red sockets


The difference between 3b3g and 3g1b2r is almost 200k dmg per trap, which is the difference of having sceptres that cost 80 ex vs sceptres that cost 80 chaos. Only use suboptimal gem colouring if you can snipe a cheap +3 or +4 skin of the loyal.

Skin of the Loyal
Corrupted Skin of the Loyal Trade Link

List of Implicits:
  • +2 Duration
  • +2 AoE
  • +1 Level of Socketed Gems (Use this if running Empower)




Cowl of the Thermophile
Cowl of the Ceraunophile
Cowl of the Cryophile

TL;DR Buy these, anoint with Master Sapper/Saboteur, and vaal them.

The Cowl of the Ceraunophile, Cowl of the Cryophile, Cowl of the Thermophile Unique Helms allow 2 enchants or anointments. We usually anoint Master Sapper[Opalescent, Teal, Black Oil] + Saboteur[Clear, Teal, Teal Oil] on these helms, then Vaal Orb them to brick them. This is because these helmets come with % reduced elemental resistance affixes which make it difficult to cap resistances while using it. It is ideal to "brick" your helm into +Resistances, which will you max out your Fire Resist for better Righteous Fire uptime, or Lightning Resist to help against Essences when they show up on certain days.


Jewels and Flasks



Watcher's Eye: This is mandatory. We need % increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste. Divine it until you have sub-2 second phase run.

Watcher's Eye Affix Priorities
  • % increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste -> Mandatory for sub-2 second phase run cooldown
  • % increased Movement Speed while affected by Grace -> Movement speed helps survivability
  • You have Phasing while affected by Haste -> Quality of Life while running
  • #% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred -> Awesome DPS Increase for Harvest Lab (This is 2nd prio if running Harvest Lab and pushing for dmg after CDR)
  • Damage Penetrates #% Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred -> Good DPS Increase for Harvest Lab
  • #% increased Cold Damage while affected by Hatred -> Medium DPS Increase for Harvest Lab
  • Adds # to # Cold Damage while affected by Hatred -> Small DPS Increase for Harvest Lab

I prefer using 3x Hair Trigger for Trap Trigger AoE. You need at least 2, but 3 will increase your consistency.

If maximizing speed, you can use 4x Transcendent Spirits. This is possible with Uber Lab build, or with a highly min/max'd Harvest Build. Luckily with changes to vaal reliquary keys, they are fairly cheap this league. [30c at the time of writing this, as opposed to 9ex last league]. Keep in mind, Transcendent Spirits take up a lot of skill points! So, level 97-100 is needed to use 4.

If going for damage in Harvest Lab, fill the rest of your Jewel slots with triple crit multi.

Feel free to throw in a Replica Hotheaded Jewel for extra speed, however I usually don't run it due to cost / needing to sacrifice a hair trigger.

Unnatural Instinct used to be really good when we had the Akoya in a place that could give us a lot of strength, but I think it is overpriced and doesn't provide great value anymore with our current Akoya placement.


Cluster Jewels

Our medium cluster uses Spiked Concoction to grant us Alchemist's Genius. Do not put skill points in Special Reserve.

Medium Cluster Trade Link

You can use this Large Cluster for extra damage, however it is not needed for Uber Lab. A 7 Passive Voices is fine for Uber Lab.



Overflowing Chalice Sulphur Flask - OP for Flask Charge generation

Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline - Fastest Flask in the Game

Alchemist's Stibnite Flask of Reflexes - Great uptime and defensive mechanism of Smoke Cloud

Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Warding - Enduring Flasks are OP, and Warding Suffix is needed for traps.

Seething Divine Life Flask of Dousing - Seething is preferred, and Dousing is used to cancel our RF after Izaro Insta-Phase.

Chemist's Diamond Flask of Resistance - We currently swap this flask in over our Stibnite Flask before Izaro. After you swap, try to pop your Chalice to generate the charges needed more quickly. Chemist's Prefix is good so we don't need many charges to use the flask after swapping before Izaro. Resistance Suffix is used to cap our resists in the Kill Setup.




TL;DR and PoB

PoB: Check PoB at top

My Current Gear for Harvest Lab


My Ritual League Setup (in Standard)



Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, or something seems incorrect! My Discord ID is MrKhan#1337

Big thanks to the following people who helped me get into lab:

And special shoutout to Pachonimi who helped create the outline for the guide.

List of Sections I am Currently Working On:
  • Labyrinth traps and how they work
  • Essences and why they're annoying
  • Gargoyles and why they're annoying
  • Services & Enchanting Bases
  • How to Fight Izaro, and his Damage Thresholds
  • Clips of me running Lab

Mr__Khan's Lab Running Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3120142 Mr__Khan's Mirror Shop - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3184063
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Mr__Khan's Lab Running Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3120142 Mr__Khan's Mirror Shop - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3184063
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Mr__Khan's Lab Running Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3120142 Mr__Khan's Mirror Shop - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3184063
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what is the optimal chest setup for temp chain effect enchant
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JaszSaegus wrote:
what is the optimal chest setup for temp chain effect enchant


It really depends on the grandmas. Please refer to this post https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/4cjxr0/working_theory_how_to_limit_lab_helm_enchantments/
Mr__Khan's Lab Running Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3120142 Mr__Khan's Mirror Shop - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3184063
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