3.14 Kami's Bladefall CoC-quisitor / 10k+ EHP / Tanky + dps / High Budget

in Progress



Pros & Cons
- 10-12k EHP Pool
- elemental Ailment Immune
- Stun Immune (Boots Enchant + 2 Jewel implicit)
- good Life/ES leech, regen and %on kill
- 75% Chaos Res
- 45% phys reduction
- 10% reduced Ele dmg taken with balanced Wise Oak
- crit capped without flasks
- enemies are Blinded (50% evade Chance)
- corpse remove
- high dps for bosses and big AoE for clearing

- 30 Life and 30 ES gain on hit per Blade! (Watcher's)
- (Fortify from Megalomaniac)

- -max res and crit mods on maps could be a bit scarry if you fear Deaths
- only have a tiny bit of Block and dodge(Elusive)
- fitting in all Aura's could be hard
- delay between attacking with cyclone and triggering the bladefall

- ele reflect map mod, unless you use sextant or reroll
- expensive to min/max like every other build
- hard to get Chaos and normal res capped if you go for min/max
- not League starter friendly ??? unless you start with BF/BB and swap to coc till you have the necessary Gear

How the build work
as all Coc builds are working, we need:
- 100% Hit Chance through accuracy, mostly from Shaper's Touch and Precision + War Banner
- 100% Crit chance mostly though Righteous Providence Ascendancy note and the attack crit armour
- 14% Cooldown Recovery Speed from awa. CoC gem @lvl 3, Boots or Belt to reach the Breakpoint cap of 7.57aps

Soul of Solaris
Soul of Gruthkul

Alira for all res, crit multi and some mana regen

1 Battlemage
2 Sanctuary
3 Pious Path
4 Righteous Providence


Main Gear


- insane dps boots from Battlemage Ascendancy
- ez full converting phys to fire
- nice crit chance boost
- 30% Quality for more dps
- dont enchant it!!!


- phys as extra Fire
- crit multi
- attackspeed on offhand should be somewhere ~1.6-1.8aps, depending on your other gear to be aps capped at 7.57 aps


- Bis for dps and defence, if you can cap your res, go for a rare with Life + res

Body Armour

- attack crit to cap our Crit Chance for 100% without Flasks
- gain 10% Life as extra ES for a big ES boost
- frenzy charges for more attack speed and dps
- additional curse if you can afford it for the second or third curse


- Bis to have no worries about main stats and synergize very well with shaper's touch and Righteous Providence Ascendancy

Curse Ring

- Assassins Mark on hit for beeing crit capped
- look for High Life, Chaos Res and normal Res

Dmg Ring

-Circle of Anguish with inc. Fire Damage and Buff effect for even more dps.


- Bis where you get most of your Accuracy and ES
- go for +1 implicit if you have mana reserve problems
- if you have on your armour an additional curse, you can go for ele weakness corruption

Belt + Jewel

- Stygian Vise with Life + Chaos Res and normal Res
- Abysall Jewel with Life, Blind on hit, crit multi or Res


Two-Toned Boots with Life and Chaos Res and normal Res

if you can manage to cap your res otherwise, you can go for tailwind and elusive to get attack speed and Movement speed


Bottled Faith

- nice dps boos
- can cap your last % of Crit Chance if you somehow shouldn't be capped


- onslaught,
- 3% Life regen
- % Life and % ES on kill

The Wise Oak

- 15% dmg pen, make sure Fire res is your highest
- if you can manage to balance your res you get also 10% less Elemental Damage taken


- to get some more phys reduction
- curse immunity during effect


- Just for speed

Glorious Vanity

- under Doryani to get 15% of Life as extra ES

Thread of Hope (Medium)

Allows us to allocate:
- Divine Wrath
- Divine Fury
- Divine Judgement
- Smashing strikes for endurance charges

Unnatural Instinct

- grants us some dps on the top side of the tree
- reduces the mana reservation of Herald of Ash

Watcher's Eye

- Precision Crit multi
- inc. damage taken while affected by Zealotry
- dmg pen while affected by Zealotry
- 30 Life gain on Hit while affected by Vitality
- 30 ES gain on Hit while affected by Discipline

decide if you want more dps or if you want to mostly Facetank bosses while attacking

Large Cluster Jewel

- 8 passives with inc. fire dmg taken
- Doryani's Lesson
- Prismatic Heart
- Smoking Remains or Cremator (depends on your medium Cluster)

Curse Medium Cluster

- Master of Fear for easy unnerve
- Wish for Death for culling strike

Fire Medium Cluster

- cooked Alive for 10% dmg pen
- Cremator or Smoking Remains (depends on your Large Cluster)

Rare Jewels

- inc. max. Life
- global crit multi
- crit multi while Dual whielding or crit multi with Spells
- Resistances if you can get

Gem setup

6 Link Main skill setup (Body Armour)

switch inc. AoE for conc. Effect on Big Bosses if you want for an insane dps Boost

4 Link Aura setup (Gloves)

4 Link Aura setup (Helmer or Boots)

4 Link setup (Helmer or Boots)

3 Link setup (Weapon)

3 Link setup (Weapon)

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hi whats the pros and cons between this and your cyclone reap build?

Bladefall does way more dmg, and you can get a nice watchers eye with life/ES gain on hit
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did some update to the guide, still need many things to do till completition
Will you need to change the tree to use the Megalomaniac?
Or replacing one of the middle clusters?
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stick111 wrote:
Will you need to change the tree to use the Megalomaniac?
Or replacing one of the middle clusters?

this depends on the Megalomaniac you buy, if it has 1 of the other stats from the mediums aswell, I would replace it. Otherwise I would probably prefer to skip some other notes and connect the tree to the other jewel spot. Maybe its even possible to fit in a second large cluster Jewel, but this will probably in a higher dps version with lower EHP
Thanks for the guide! I've tried to combine your build with jungroan's Ngamahu's Flame double CoC Bladefall/Bladeblast build.

It has turned out a very nice blend with 10k hybrid HP pool, with 20mil dps without flasks. (vs jungroan's 5k hp and 100mil dps version)

I've followed your tree and got 100% crit without flasks.

Hoping to find a way to swap out the Increased Critical Strikes gem while keeping 100% crit chance without flasks.
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