3.14.1b Hotfix

btw GGG unlimited vaal skills usage is bug or work as should be?
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Less than 20kb/s patch download, what's wrong?
There has been a new patch after this one, with no patch notes (yet).
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Since last update, everything freezes. ultimatum, betrayal, the fps drops almost to zero. Stop turning everything into a Christmas tree with glowing and lights and make the game good so everyone can enjoy.
Today was the third time this patch was downloaded - why?
Is there going to be a patch/improvement for texture streaming/screen info etc etc for playstation?? i have a copious amount of footage of me starting a ultimatum and dying instantly as for some reason your server things the monsters are all there and visable and im not even able to move before dying and i die to nothing there's nothing on screen im more than happy to send you the footage are about a hours worth in total different scenarios and situations, iv tryed taking all my MTX off and still zero improvements, i have a Ps4 Pro about 6 months old if that, was bad all season but after the last patch for ps4 its got really bad, to the point that i cant do any T16 lvl83 Ultimatums, and its not because of my build or ability to play the game i can do all content just the textures and Ultimatum "loading in of monsters" just seems to be next level when it comes to the game just "lagging" or delay between info on the screen and how the "health" of a character is impacted
latest patch has put in what looks like a pause function for me. when i run into a mob, screen freezes for 1-2 seconds and when molten burst procs in a large mob it freezes for 4-5 seconds. harvest now has a delay of 2-3 seconds when the monsters spawn. currently unplayable for me now when i never had this issue before.
apparently, calling someone daft, which only means silly or foolish, breaches the code of conduct...
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so don't use big words like daft LMAO
path of patch again , one thing would be really cool for poe2 is to start from 0 without all these leagues in which we get lost and which create too many problems each time

Hello... I'm having the same issues as people freezing... after this patch everything is 10x more choppy and frozen 100% unplayable, wtf is going on????
ManaPotion wrote:
Hello... I'm having the same issues as people freezing... after this patch everything is 10x more choppy and frozen 100% unplayable, wtf is going on????

Ask Intel.
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