3.14.1b Hotfix

3.14.1b Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug in the Malachai and Eater of Souls fights where a large number of Creeping Agonies were being created on top of each other.
Last bumped on May 15, 2021, 7:41:53 AM
ty! gj GGG
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sirus still have invisible walls?
I was killed by the Creeping Agonies yesterday multiple Times. So im glad that it is fixed now
want to nerf Vaal build but never look at connection issue

dced from 5 ways multiple times instantly after 1 min start since recent patch update

Last edited by darkforce1985 on May 5, 2021, 8:47:06 AM
it is very good
Any progress on texture issues? Still quite a problem for me since hotfix 3.14.1 - The amount of improvement for the textures was practically negligible.
I didn't lag the first 2 days of the league, then I lagged every day up until yesterdays patch. Now after this patch I'm back to lagging horribly.
Thanks for bug fix! Keep up the awesome work mates!
Ayee my computer which was perfectly fine while playing PoE now keeps shutting down after this update.

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