You'll be glittering in gold with the new Merchant Aura Effect! Check out the video below or get yours here!

Pair it with the Chaos Orb Helmet, pictured below with parts of the Sin and Innocence Armour Set to accentuate the golden look!

Thanks for your support!
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looks cool

rich will be happy :D

rename it to rich aura effect for fun

btw maybe change "chaos" to "exalted" faces bcs chaos face looks kinda off... exalted face more suits here
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Seems odd, Not a fan of 'physical' effects/auras that don't really interact with the enviroment.

At least it's optional.
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Most auras look God awful as soon as you move. This, being one of those.
Nice =)
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Might be in a mood for mtx if I could finish my conditionals.
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looks like brains and not chaos orbs...

woulda been nice if they were exalted orbs, too....
best aura =D

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