Community Designed Microtransaction - Top Three Themes Selection

Which theme would you like the Cyclone Effect to be?

Grinding Gears
Cat Tornado
Poll closed
Why not have a Rainbow Cat Tornado. Its the best of both worlds
A Perandus coin option would have been nice. :(

I too like the rainbow cat idea. Like a nyan cat but without the poptart!
Plz vote bats :C
Rainbow and cat?
This game is at it's lowest.
Walrus killed Harvest
I voted rainbow, but please don't screw us over with some shitty looking rainbow one. I hope it looks kinda like a long exposure rainbow trail, oh and not a short trail either. I wanna make a fucking rainbow road.
Rainbow... sweet :D
Why no Shark tornado ?
IGN: Cyanyx
I will pay for the rainbow and catnado 100%. Lol
omg.. cat... tornado.... YESSSSS!!!!! SHOW ME YOUR KITTIES!!! If there is more than one color of this i'm buying them all!!!! Sounds like a bad Syfy B movie title too! catnado!! this excites me!

All of these is trash and boring fan service. Can we get typical Pure Flame theme Cyclone? Like who's going to run with cats? 1-2 players for memes and thats it ? Can you start making MTX to fit player transmog themes? ... I am dissapointed with all of these options

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