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tell me what is the problem with survival? If he did not kill first, then he died (
What would be the the required items/gems/links to start using this build?
How do you guys menage precision + vitality at once with arrogance? I'm slowly tranforming to this build. Maybe I should remove ice golem and make cwdt + immortal? But when I remove golem I got like 97% hit chance cuz I can't run 21 precision.
How to survive in this build?
Adsumushero wrote:
How to survive in this build?

This build has 0 defensive layers.
It's a crit stacking Kill or be killed build. The recovery of ES/Life/Mana from Cinder flask is basically all you have.
0-no block chance.
No mind over matter
No phyz as ele
No phyz reduction
No evasion
No dodge

You basically do 1 shot all mobs and herald of ice explode packs and freeze bosses or be 1 shot.

There's a ES version and a Low life version as well as a MOM version. All of which cost 50+ exalts to feel good but you still get one shot by anything really juiced.
I do not recommend this build for those who wanna push hard content.

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