New Microtransactions: Vaal Orb Weapon Skin and Shield Skin

its cool
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bow kinda looks like skorms bow from fable
No Vaal-themed weapon skin can possibly be considered complete unless it has an actual claw for claw weapons.

That, for my money, was the biggest win about the Imperial Sun and Silver Crescent supporter packs: weapon skins that actually had a CLAW SKIN for claw weapons. Major kudos for getting those two right.

Now, if this weapon skin has a claw skin, and it just wasn't shown in the video, it might be worth one's time to add that footage to the video.

The shield is tasty, though, and I would say it seems to have been made with Spectral Shield Throw in mind. Perfect for that.

Total aside: the sword portion of the Vaal Orb skin looks a lot like a pipe-and-foam monstrosity a friend of mine constructed ages ago.
Nice shield skin. It's clean, no orb-face, flashing lights or glow sticks anywhere! The texture and colour represent the Vaal theme well and also allow for combination with others. Well done, I will certainly be buying this.

I also like the staff and 1h axe design. The 2h axe proportions are a bit off and cause it to just look like an akwardly long stick with some horns attached. The bow and sword skins should appeal to players who appreciate bulky options. The lack of a claw skin is unfortunate.

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