Oblivion Wings, Oblivion Armour Set and Stash Tab Sale

Guess your modelers, animators and riggers are still doing twice the work as you delay PoE 2 perpetually, eh?
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
Looks like Wraiths in SG:Atlantis!
I like it!
For the 9th year in a row I must say that I require a gem stash tab. Its still not here.
IGN : Reamus
The wings look really nice .. not too big or clunky.
My friend bought stash tabs yesterday... He will be so mad when he sees the sale xD

Why so bad? :/
Gem stash tab with sub tabs for normal, awakened, vaal gems and search function for high level and quality gems. Next to currency this would be the second tab I would have added to the game lol.
not buying anything untill you add system to deal with loot boxes duplicate
awesome wings, sold

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