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The mana requirement on this seems really dumb. It makes it so you can have only one aura reserve health. Even then, you have to level the thing before you can use anything that uses 50% reservation. I mean level 19? Ridiculous.

I think this also destroys many builds. The ivory tower is very powerful with blood magic. This pretty much destroys that as you want a lot of mana. So you don't want anything reserving mana and all reserves to be on health.

It also makes Prism Guardian mandatory as it's the only thing that has a reduction in reservation of health and the only thing that lets you reserve health but use mana. Everything else uses blood magic as normal, so, your skills will use it too. There are very few good items that have blood magic. The good ones are highly specialized.

Being a keystone, you can't anoint blood magic, so if you want to use it and not use one of the very few, specialized armor pieces, then you have to spec into it, which isn't possible for many builds.

I'm guessing you did this to punish aura stackers. You went about this all wrong. If that was your intent, then you should have altered prism guardian as that was a must have for any aura stacker. Maybe not give the bonus to reservation, or just make it blood magic. As it stands, the change in the support gem ruins many builds.

This will also make the demand for Prism guardian and Shavronne's wrappings sky high as the change in the support only makes them more desireable.
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Shortly: unbalanced bullshit.
I wonder is it an indirect nerf to aura stacker or not....
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the life reservation multiplier is crazy high specialy early on and makes it a horrible option for any aura that has a % reservation

personaly i would change it to "suported auras reserve life instead of mana, each level starting on level 1 adds 10% increaced life reservation and 2% increaced effect of auras on suported auras"

this way the player has a choice between keeping it at lv 1 for those who want to reserve life and nothing else or level the gem and get 1 strong aura that reserves most of its health

"suported auras reserve life instead of mana, each level starting from lv 1 suported auras will reserve and aditional 3% life per level, gain 1% increaced aura effect every 100-120 life reserved.
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Another problem I've noticed with this is that it doesn't affect Heralds. They're a huge part of the game. So, you use this support, reserve half your life, or more if you have any support gem attached to the herald, and don't receive the trade off for the increased effect.

As far as I know, there are no "heralds reserve no mana" items in the game. Auras have multiple items like this which would allow me to use blood magic on my herald. Arrogance, Prism Guardian, or Malachai's Awakening (which limits me to one aura), are the only things I can use for the build I wanted to do, which is a high mana MoM, LL build uitilizing either Shavrone's or, ideally, the Ivory Tower (I need something where chaos damage doesn't affect life). The rings which reserve no mana wouldn't work because I need to add support gems to my herald.

I don't know. Why would you leave hearlds out of the cost/benefit?
I also noticed the wiki is wrong. I don't think you get to 200% multiplier until lvl 20. I'm at lvl 19 and it's 202.
Works fine with Herald of Purity. Using Lori's Lantern for unlucky damage hits on me. No idea if it's "worth it" or not but it lets me stay on low life easily.
Works fine with Herald of Purity. Using Lori's Lantern for unlucky damage hits on me. No idea if it's "worth it" or not but it lets me stay on low life easily.

I realize it works with hearalds, but you don't get the increased buff effect as that's only with auras.

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