Cheater in Sarn Arena

Leadcrows wrote:
Dear GGG Team,

so we have clear evidence that this mentioned player is cheating.
Me and several people have reported the videos where it shows that the player is using maphack/zoomhack directly to GGG.
We have found out even more evidence that this player has been using zoomhack since Dec 2019. This is not a coincidence but only underpins the truth.

Any evidence in the forum is being deleted, so we have no chance to show everyone the truth.

How do we proceed here, i have got no response from GGG and this cheater is playing.

Should i report more evidence???

Understand, I don't want to dig too deep into the whole thing and end up doing myself harm. But we have evidence about him and his friends knowing of how to maphack/zoomhack and it would be wrong to do nothing while people are having fun by cheating.

Sadly I think the effort isn't worth it bro. Even with sufficient evidence. The attention and care given to pvp is unfourtionatly & extremely minimal. They seem to care more about censorship these days and releasing a new mtx every 2 days..
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This is not about only pvp anymore.
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