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i have always played leagues so i have never issued this problem, but since i play standard there is always a russian guy playing in sarn with zoom hack. He is playing 2-3 Charakters simultaneously and you can see how his mine or attacks throws at you 100% exactly hits directly after respawn. I have reported him already. It is like some kind of auto aim and maybe even maphack. This is clearly a cheating issue. I have evidences on my pc if required.
I know how a widescreen works in this game so i can tell if its normal resolution config he uses or definitely a zoom hack (it is).
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I met him, he play purifying flame mines. Purifying flame is auto targeting players so that s that. Those stupid Skitterbots also auto-follow players so it is easy for him.

I don t know if he cheat beyond using broken PF+mine and skitterbots
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also if you have evidences post them here so we can all judge.
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I experienced the same thing. He plays a miner, as well as some shitty Mjolner Indigon character. He spawn kills instantly. Most people know him as a cheater or at least using some rediculous extended screen setup.
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You can have another account with a character in spectator mode on arena — put the client window on your secondary monitor and you'll have legit "names on minimap" again.
You can always check arena instance population in instance manager.

But those sneaky ppl on arena don't use that. they simply have 200% vertical field of view that is not related to widescreen. Boring and unfair.
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everyone have the same problem in 1vs1 and sarn arena but ggg does nothing about it

sadly looks like a ''widescreen'' is mandatory if you want to play pvp in poe, some skills can practically have ''more'' area of ​​effect if you play the game with a widescreen or your TV ( this is unfair for new pvp players )

would be nice if someday they add a ''FOG'' in 1vs1/sarn arena ( for example a FOG like in 'Age of Empires'' a very old videogame )

PD: An archer is enough for kill that PF miner, he have like 1 of life
You're not the only one who has experienced this LeadCrows. I believe he has been reported many times now by several people. Like DreamScythe stated, most people can be dealt with in sarn arena but this Russian guy specifically has some weird stuff going on with him. It is not just a screen with this guy. Besides his Purifying Flame miner or his Bodyswap mana Indigon Mjolnir flasker character, his worst character is actually a lightning arrow archer that auto aims you directly when you spawn anywhere on the map. The area of effect on his lightning arrow is also very huge and kills you with invisibility. Kind of pointless to try to fight that when he knows where you spawn every single time in sarn arena lol..
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I see, so we would need to spectate him and record his reaction when someone spawn then also record the spawned player for other pov.

Considering they could not ban the Lab runner cheater I wonder if they even can see how this guy is cheating.
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That's the guy, his mines have like 400% increased AOE. He always knows where you spawn. He manages to spawn kill in a second. The only way to kill his chars is to have some spam AOE with high damage and hit him first. but he always knows where you are.
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They are two different person btw. miner dude and mjoiner dude.
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