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1.0 Overview

This compilation is focused on the Earthshatter skill and its synergy with the Warcry skills, a synergy that has been used a lot in racing, and in the HC, SSF HC, SSF league, you will not need amazing items to work and make the whole game, in addition to an axe with good dps, will save you from some fighting mistakes with a lot of damage mitigation, and with good enough damage to do all the content.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcYu3VwqR5s vs Sirus AW9 + Classic Poe Experience

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkl5c6Chfm8&t=1s Maze of Minotaur

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD-807SJZaA vs Sirus AW8
I stopped recording before showing the sirus level, I'm new to recording.
I recorded another short video just to show it in the sequence.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMei8tIjf9E Pit Map T16

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FZjEopcRxE vs Enslavament

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saD4nFrXOZo vs Purifier Map

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejAfSNDcDSk vs Hunter A9

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLD569Wc8b4 vs Baran A9

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15GIY1dEcAE vs Drox A9

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hCgqWXwAiI vs The Formed

For those who are curious, a legend in this skill:

Changes 3.15:
Slam damage (No Spikes Check F.A.Q) 8kk dropped to 3.3kk
Seismic Cry no longer gives damage bonuses only for aoe
Earthshatter Gem "BUFF"

New: Attack Damage 200% of base
Old: Attack Damage 160% of base
New: Effectiveness of Added Damage 200%
Old: Effectiveness of Added Damage 160%

Nerfs Support Gems and mana Increased for use

Viable 3.15?

Yes, but know that the damage has been reduced, it might be a problem in the boss end game(Sirus8/9, Maven) I will try to bring a video with a setup that I get a dps similar to the current one after nerfing.

Remembering that the videos are from the previous league, fights will take longer because they have less damage.


New Warcry Rotation Boss? Intimidating Cry - Earthshatter (x2) - Intimidating Cry - Earthshatter (3x).

Changes 3.14:

Petrified Blood has great potential.
Seismic Cry 30% after / Now 20%
Flesh and Stone increased mana reservation,I'm waiting for the pob to update to see how it will look.

Update \/ Important

After the update of the pob, you have several options, so you can keep pride + flesh and stone + blood and sand + dread banner.

Option 1:

You will have to use an enligthen 4 + annoit sovereignty.

Option 2: Get the Stance Skill Reservation node + enlighten 4.

Option 3: Use 3 items with non-channeling -9 to zero the skill cost +(Enlighten 4, annoit sovereignty or stance Skill reservation).

Option 4: Take out the blood and sand + enlighten 3.

To use Petrified Blood you have to remove the flesh and stone + enlighten 3 + annoit sovereignty.

In most cases your mana will be low, so I recommend an item or jewel with phy leech of mana.

There are also other options, I didn't list them all.

You can also use pride + blood and sand + dread banner, there will be a good amount of mana left.

You can also use herald of purity instead of flesh and stone, you lose the defensive part of flesh and stone, but you will keep almost the same damage, will only need enlighten 3.

New pob.

1.1 Pros:

-Good DPS
-League start
-SSF Viable
-No need cluster jewels
-Active gameplay
-Easy to gear
-Can do all content in the game
-90% Effect of Fortify


-No Afk Build
-No One-Shot Boss Build
-Not a one button build
-No super clear speed
-Can not do Phys Reflect maps

1.2 What is Earthshatter?

Earthshatter is a melee slam attack skill. When used, it sends out multiple fissures outwards that creates a spike. When these spikes are hit by a warcry, they detonate to deal area of effect damage.

You hit the ground, causing damage to enemies around you, with each hit you generate 5 spikes, you can give a maximum of 3 consecutive slams, so you will have 15 spikes.

2.0 Skill gems, passive tree, bandits and pantheon.



https://pastebin.com/DUFpRJAL POB 3.15 23/07

New Pob more Complete /Have Notes 27/04
Passive Trees for Leveling in POB.

Error POB? You need POB Fork.

Viable ground slam?

Yes viable, it would probably need some changes in the passive tree.

2.1 Ascendancy

Master of Metal -> Unstoppable Hero -> Fortitude -> First to strike, Last to Fall (Inspirational 3.15)

2.2 Bandits
Kill All/2 Passive Points

2.3 Pantheon

Soul of Solaris
Soul of Shakari or Gruthkull (Yugul Uber Elder)

2.4 GEM Setup


Body Armor:

Earthshatter > Melee physical damage > Fist of war >Impale > Brutality > Pulverise/Close Combat

Close Combat vs Pulverise

Pulverise = + DMG + Area Damage - Attack Speed
Close Combat = + DMG based Proximity + Attack Speed

Both are great, I played almost all the time in Pulverise, most recently I came to test closed combat, my opinion that in the boss category, close combat is better because it gave us a lot of attack speed, allowing for faster combos.

In terms of maps, pulverise, but there is no need for exchange, the 2 perform well in both cases.


Pride > Flesh and stone > > Enlighten support > Maim

Axe 2Handed:

Enduring cry > Intimidating cry > Seismic cry > Second wind support > Dash > Blood Rage


Dread Banner > Blood and Sand > Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Culling Strike


Vaal Molten Shell > Cast The Damage Taken > Increased Duration > Enfeeble (Vulnerability + DMG)

Alternative Gems

We have many options for alternative gems, they are not mandatory, but they are good options.

Anomalous: Maim, Flesh and Stone, Second Wind, Earthshatter.

Divergent: Pulverise, Second Wind, Pride.

3.0 GEAR, JEWELS, FLASKS, Anointments

You don't exactly need these items to make the build work, life and resistances are enough, the only thing you will need is an axe with good dps.


IMPORTANT: Requirements on your gear: Int for Enlighten 3 = 73Int /Enlighten 4 = 96 Int, Dex for Dash/Blood Rage 155Dex. (You can also lower the level of the dash and blood rage or use another movement skill, Smoke mine e etc)

IMPORTANT: Two items must have non-channeling.

IMPORTANT: The more armor you have on the items the better, attack speed I also recommend you have it on your glove, and then on your axe.

Quickly analyze item:

Life>Armor>Res> Effect Fortify + Tank / Nearby Enemeis -9 Phy + Dps

Enchantment Helmet


Earthshatter Increased damage / +1 Fissure / Area of Effect
Blood And Sand Buff Effect
Flesh and Stone reduced reservation
Pride reduced Reservation
Seismic Cry deal 50% Increased damage
Dread Banner Aura Effect
Blood Rage Increased Attack Speed

Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel


Cheap:Increased Attack Physical Damage while using Pride
Expensive:Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits while using Pride

Jewels Mods

Increased Maximum Life
Increased Damage witch Two Handed Weapons
Incrased Global Physical Damage
Increased Damage
Increased Damage witch Axes
Increased Melee Damage
Increased Area Damage
Dex/Inteligence/Resistences/Physical Attack leeched Mana If you need


Although we have the passive Admonisher, which removes aliments(Freeze e etc)when we release WarCrys, in the Enslavament video you can see that I took ignite and was safe with it, I still like to have some bottles to remove.

3.2 Anointments

Tenacity + Life/Dps / Executioner + AOE / Wrecking Ball + Dps /Sovereignty Reduced Mana Reservation

4 Leveling


Vendor Recipe 2h Axe = 1x Normal Axe + 1x Magic/Rare Rustic Sash Belt + 1x Blacksmith's Whetstone = physical DPS Axe

2h Axe Melee Unique Leveling: Limbsplit > Wideswing > Reaper's Pursuit > The Cauteriser

Itens Leveling Uniques: Tabula Rasa, Goldrim Leather Cap, Lochtonial Caress, Wanderlust, Le Heup of All Iron Ring, Praxis Ring.

Gem Setup
Act 1

Ground Slam, Ruthless Support, Onslaught Support, Maim Support
Intimidating Cry - Enduring Cry
Ancestral Protector
War Banner / Vitality / Blood and Sand

EarthShatter Lvl 12

Act 2

Earthshatter - Melee Physical Damage - Closed Combat - Maim - Onslaught
Seismic Cry
Herald of Purity, Flesh and Stone

Act 3

Dread Banner
Warchief Totem

Act4 + Setup Early Maps
4L : Earthshatter - Impale - Fist of War(Fortify + def) - Melee Phys
5L : Add Brutality/Fortify(No Lab)
6L : Add Pulverise or Close Combat Support

Herald of Purity or Skitterbots, Pride (lot of mana, I don't recommend it in the beginning.).
Flesh and Stone - Maim
Seismic Cry - Intimidating Cry - Second Wind - Enduring Cry
Stellskin/Molten Shell - Increased Duration - Second Wind - Dash (Flame Dash, Smoke Mine)
Warchief Totem - Culling Strike - Dread Banner - Blood and Sand



How does earthshatter damage work?

The pob he shows the damage of his slam, he does not count the spikes, so if you have 15 spikes hitting(It almost never happens) total spike damage would be 15 x 0.7 (average slam damage).

Warcry rotation with shatter?

I'll bring an illustrative video later, but just before the boss appears, or when you approach the boss, I use seismic cry - Earthshatter (x2) - Intimidating Cry - Earthshatter (3x).

Then you repeat the cycle, the enduring cry it also breaks the spikes, use at times when I need to regain life, or during a map to generate endurance.

On maps I use it more randomly.

I need more damage on t14 + /Boss Endgames maps.

If you do not have the ring with vulnerability, you change the enfeeble for vulnerability in the curse setup, gems +20, and the main one an axe with 700+/800dps. Best Bases: Karui Chopper, Vaal Axe.

A guy who understands a lot when it comes to earthshatter.


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Im first :) waiting for update, thanks for keep working on this guide.
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It's like you read my mind I was just thinking this morning to try Champion out with a Melee skill like earthquake or earthshatter! Thanks for posting!
I hope you like it, I'm updating I think until tomorrow complete with some explanations and etc.

I put the pob, but I still think I will have to make some changes, because of the flesh and stone.

I put some videos, I was playing with another char, so I'm getting the hang of it again.
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WIll this build also work for Vaal Ground Slam? if you wanna swap to it
WIll this build also work for Vaal Ground Slam? if you wanna swap to it

Yes, it is possible, it is that after Heist I did not see anyone using the call of stell + ground slam by the nerf he received.
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Alkatraz_BR wrote:
WIll this build also work for Vaal Ground Slam? if you wanna swap to it

Yes and possible, it is that after Heist I did not see anyone using the call of stell + ground slam by the nerf he received.

Vaal GS got a huge buff this league, You can Exert it, so I kinda wanted to try it out eventually.
Horrible damage, horrible clear speed, overall a pretty horrible build, maybe semi-decent until like white maps, after that the damage is pretty bad.

However, survivability is through the roof.

Would not recommend to anyone, unless you like wasting time I guess lol.
[b][u]Zana[/u][/b]: Still sane, Exile?
[b][u]Exile[/u][/b]: Ye.
[b][u]Zana[/u][/b]: Hold my Flask.
Rivi666 wrote:
Horrible damage, horrible clear speed, overall a pretty horrible build, maybe semi-decent until like white maps, after that the damage is pretty bad.

However, survivability is through the roof.

Would not recommend to anyone, unless you like wasting time I guess lol.

Ok :), I don't know what skill you are comparing, but I will bring videos making most of the game's content little by little.

Now if you want "one-shot" boss, you have other options.
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I wanted to try this build so I grabbed whatever gear I had laying around to get enough hp,def,dps thing is main skill dps is beyond horrible even at 6l 20/20 all gems, it's not worth investing crapton of currency just to raise it up to "barely playable".

[b][u]Zana[/u][/b]: Still sane, Exile?
[b][u]Exile[/u][/b]: Ye.
[b][u]Zana[/u][/b]: Hold my Flask.
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