[3.15] Cyclone Build (League Starter) | Berserker | Expedition | Path of Exile 3.15

Hey guys, here is another starter build before the league announcement. Cyclone berserker destroys the bosses even with Terminus Est. Only bad thing about cyclone is leveling part. You need to use another skill.

Leveling Gems:
Perforate - Ruthless - Onslaught - Maim - Melee Physical Damage - Impale
Dash (Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify)
Blood and Sand / Precision
Herald of Purity (Pride) / Flesh and Stone / Dread Banner
At level 28 switch to Bladestorm and play with that until like level 51. You can equip terminus est and cyclone should be fine afterwards.

Mana Sustain:
- Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost
- #% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana

PoB: https://pastebin.com/iXrZh2pY

Build Video: https://youtu.be/nUMowpkjSBs

Kill All for bandit (Alira is a good choice too)

Slayer Version: https://youtu.be/jeuJPt8acyk

Slayer Budget Version: https://youtu.be/pCkubIA6Nso

- Flesh and Stone
Now requires 35% Mana reservation (previously 25%).

- Cyclone:
Now deals 59% of Base Damage, and has 59% Effectiveness of Added Damage at gem level 20 (previously 54%).

(Footage is from 3.13)


Gem Setup:

Cyclone - Impale - Infused Channelling - Brutality - Melee Physical Damage - Rage

Flesh and Stone - Enlighten - Blood and Sand - Pride - Dread Banner / Blood Rage

Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Berserk - Enduring Cry / Precision (Lvl 1) - Arrogance

Vaal Molten Shell - Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Summon Stone Golem
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Simple and effective. I like it. :)
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Yeah is nice, simple and directly to the point, thanks for the guide :)
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If you want to level with cyclone it can actually start from level 38, link Cast While Channeling to Cyclone + life gain on hit + blade vortex + bladefall these 2 skills will carry you until cyclone can actually do it on it's own (around terminus time), otherwise Edge of Madness is a good option if you want to level from 28 (would need - mana cost of skills, praxus for example or just cheap low level rings with - mana cost).

If only working with 4 link drop the blade fall, it's still effective at getting to the 5l/lvl50/terminus.
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I have just lvled up to 65 on ultimatum using this build, im kind of a noob, so it was not clear to me when to change from each skill to each skill

I started using ground slam, and switched to perforate around 20s, completely forgot about bladestorm until almost 40, and then switched to it, but perforate felt slightly better

Once I got to 51 and could use terminus I switched to cyclone and bought a tabula rasa, it has been working amazingly, I was doing 50k dps ez

You will have access to rage mechanics around 40s, so you can take that into consideration in your ascendancy order picks

Finally, it was really really good on ultimatums, at least before I hit act 7, now im sort of struggling, given I still have not finished the build and dont have all skills/links I need, but im havingg a blast, gj
Works like a charm in 3.14 :-)
Got 449 mana reserved out of 472 and it still works xD
lvl 61
what is the upgrade of this build for marauder?
Great build would love to see an update on it!
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Could you please update paste bin to 3.14, pls ?

EDIT: Ups, sry, my bad, it's working... :-)

Thank you a lot for this build.

Cheers :)
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