[3.15] Raider - Smite - using One with Nothing (Hollow Palm ) - All Content Easy on AW9

Greeting exiles, I´ve been playing this game since around 3 year´s nearly every day, but i always went back to unarmed/unencumbered builds.

After a while in 3.13 i get bored and started thinking above a new unarmed/unencumbered Raider. I found here in the forum a older threat who is showing the same idea, but if u dont have that experience its hard to understand, so i decided to write my first "show off". To make that clear, this build/etc is not my own idea, i only do the clear work here ;-)

In this build we using a key item "called" One with Nothing
wich will give us 14-20 of flat physical damage per 10 dexterity while we unencumbered (no weapons/no gloves), that´s the reason why we stack dexterity.

With this Build u can do the Complete POE Content incl.
- AL9 Conqueror
- AL9 Sirus
- Shaper Guards
- Shaper
- Elder Guards
- Elder
- Uber Elder
- Uber Atziti (needs a bit training)
- The Maven
- Breachlords
- Cortex
- Simulacrum (incl. Wave 20)
- 100 % Deli Orb Maps

Update Log´s
3.15 Changes: Look´s fine for us, only the crafting because of Harvest/Aisling nerf´s comes harder.
3.14 Changes: Look´s fine for us, only the crafting because of Harvest nerf´s comes harder.

Video Showcase

Screenshot stat´s

Pro´s / Con´s

Good clearspeed / Good boss DPS
Good toughness (i got 6.4k life and 77 % chaos resistance)
Good leech
Can do all content in the game
Dont need expensive weapons or gloves
It´s not a Metaslave
Can expensive if u want nice gear / hard to copie w/o harvest
Cannot run elemental reflect map´s
Less number of socket´s compair to a "normal" build

POB (Community Version)

Ascendancy, Bandit´s & Pantheon
1. Way of the Poacher
2. Avatar of the Slaughter
3. Rapid Assault
4. Avatar of the Chase
Kill them all
Big: Soul of the Lunaris
Small: Soul of Gruthkul




Best helmet for this build by far, as entchant u can use conductivity curse effect (30%) too, there is no big diffence.

Body Armour:

Without harvest its nearly impossible to get, look for one with % increaed dexterity and explody mod, nice would be an with open suffix for % increased attributes. (Explody is the only mod wich is worth to elevated with the maven´s orb)


Nothing special, by far the best for this build, becouse u need 155 intelligence for some gem´s, that will fix it and bring a big amount of dexterity. As the anointment go with: Tribal Fury



One ring with conductivity on hit (32% increased effect, if possible), the other stats what we are looking for:
Elemental with attack skills
Flat phys / Flat lighting damage to attacks


We looking here for +dexterity and increased % dexterity (Hunter mod), the other stats are:
Elemental with attack skills


Typical dexterity stacking boots, look for "attack and castspeed" entchant or "damage penetrates 10% elemental resistance"



Abyss jewel in the belt - look for the stat´s what u need.

Prismatic heart brings us elemental resistance / Strom drinker brings us lightning penetration / Dexterity and chaos resistance is nice to have, but HARD TO CRAFT

Prismatic heart brings us elemental resistance / Widespread destruction is elemental damage and AOE / Corrisive elements brings 25% chance to appy lightning exposure on hit. / Dexterity is nice to have, but a NIGHTMARE TO CRAFT

The key of the build, really cheap with 1% lightning penetration

Tons of stat´s and chaos resistance and life aswell. THE TRUE ENDBOSS OF CRAFING, this cost me around 80exa, dont try it.

Easy chaos resistance and nice damage boost, one with increased lighting damage while affected by wrath as stat nummer 3 is the dream, but not on the market for weeks.



Take 3 of them, one with corrupted blood, two with lightning penetration all are cheap and brings huge damage buff.

Look for one with 3x 5% increased dexterity and other usefull stats, mine got 15% increased dexterity and 20% increased elemental damage. Took me around 100 divine orb´s, maybe i will try to get one with more dps.

Look for the stat´s what u need.


1. Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching

2. Experimenter´s Quartz Flask of Dousing

3. The Wise Oak

4. Lion´s Roar

5. Atziri´s Promise

1. Life Flask / Bleeding
2. Dodge / Burning or Freeze - what u want
3. 15% elemental penetration and 10 % reduced damage from elemental damage when all our resistance are the same uncapped number (my all are 75%)
4. DPS and knockback
5. DPS


Helmet: Totem´s and aura´s

1. Phantasmal Ancestral Protector

2. Vaal Ancestral Warchief

3. Purity of Elements

4. Wrath

Body Armour: Smite 6 link

1. Divergent Smite

2. Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks

3. Fortify

4. Physical to Lightning

5. Awakened Lightning Penetration

6. Awakened Multistrike

Boot´s: Movement and CwdT with immortal call

1. Anomalous CwdT

2. Anomalous Immortal Call

3. Secound Wind

4. Anomalous Dash


My assessment is to start with the ussaly leveling gear:
1. Goldrim
2. Tabula Rasa
3. 2x Readbeak / after u skilled hollow palm -> nothing
4. 2x Koam´s Sign / after Lvl 22 -> 2x Le heup of all
5. Lochtonial Caress / after u skilled hollow palm -> nothing
6. Araku Tiki / must have when u hit 20 -> Astramentis
7. Wanderlust
8. String of sertitude with all elemental resistance

and use the Gems: Smite (1) - Onslaught (1) - Ancestral Call (4) - Added Lightning Damage (8) - Physical to Lightning Damage (18) - Elemental Damage with Attack Skills (18)

when u hit Around lvl 20 and have sockted and skilled One with Nothing (Hollow Palm) - remove your Weapons and Gloves - make sure u have disabled auto equipment.

after lvl 31 remove Onslaught for Lighting Penetration (31), Ancestal Call for Fortify.
after lvl 38 remove Added lighting Damage for Multistrike (38)

start using wrath and purity of elements as soon as possible.

thats it - u will one shot everting.


Feel free to ask my something (IGN: @Kalluk), or to bring idea´s here to make the build stronger!

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Reserved post for future update
Reserved post for future update
3.14 Look´s fine for us, only the crafting because of Harvest nerf´s comes harder.
Hey Jens, thanks for the idea, I think I give it a try :)
What about hydrosphere?

and how it performs vs ice crash?

PS. I really love smite especially with the new MTX
panitkub wrote:
What about hydrosphere?

and how it performs vs ice crash?

PS. I really love smite especially with the new MTX

1. Hydrosphere - i dont testet it.
2. Ice Crash - i dont like the skill, thats why iam use Smite ;)
3. The MTX is awesome
leveling it right now any update about chest in 3.14?
Could you post a leveling path plz ?(skill tree without cluster ?)
I would like to try to leveling it like in new league for testing
panitkub wrote:
leveling it right now any update about chest in 3.14?

I was testing with "Wildwarp" this should be fine for us.


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