Watch the Path of Exile Race Showcase on April 5

better game performance when?
You guys couldn't make sure a patch wouldn't happen during this event, could you? :p

Edit: Slowclap for pushing it back.
Last edited by Jackalope_Gaming on Apr 5, 2021, 8:20:18 PM
"What in damnation have you done?!"
Give us players that what we need! And that is not a showcase! We need better performance!!!
why are ther no races to act 10?
if the answer is "oh that would take to long" i want you to think about that.

every time i try get my brother to play this game there like yeah but then ill have spend like forever to get passed the act till we can play together, and then if my build fails ill have to do it again, they dont wanna, its not the fun part.
Awesome! Been saying for ages this game needs to be done on there. They put on a good show, and hopefully it leads to some people discovering the game and some who already know about it discovering speedrunning.

Lets hope we get on there more in the future.

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