[3.13] Accuracy Stacking Molten Strike ~10mil dmg on Melee hit AND per Ball

Hy fellaw kids,

i finally "min/max" my Accuracy Stacking Molten Strike and now i wanna share it with you:


Sorry for the length but im explaining everything in detail and explain how u gonna craft/reproduce the items i got. Just go through the timestamps for everything u wanna know.

The Dmg is totally stupid atm and its quite tanky with 8k life total but there are more options to get the build even tankier or go to 10k life with 5mil ball dmg.

Endgame PoB:

The Investment is quite heavy (i think i spent like 120 ex in total) since its min/max but i gave u some startup gearing options aswell and a very easy and cheap way to craft ur "mirror" weapon.

Check out my Sirus A9 fight to see the insane amount of Dmg - also Face tanking every skill(well the fight itself is only 1-2min long)

A lil wacky cuz i suck at the memory phase but Maven Kill done aswell:

If u have any Questions - Drop a Comment on the Video or ask rigt here :)

Levling PoB!
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Hit us up with that gearing guide after harvest gets nuked. As it stands now, your gear is going to be near mirror-tier in the next league based off of the nerfs.
Yeah i gonna play this version next leaque aswell and see if i can reproduce the gear. I'll keep this Thread updated
hi i was watching ur videos the last week and i am super fan of ms the last 4 years .usually i go for howa but after ur guide i would like to make a league starter life based ms. do u think it would be able to craft all the items near at least the older version and if u could post a lvl up guide with some uniques and some skill tree notes that are essencial for t16+ and some boss farming. thx m8 in advance
got u!

i edited the main post with a lvling pob and some notes.
hope it covers everything u need x)

basicly: start as a normal fire molten strike and after u got the stormrider boots swap to acc stack.

needed boss uniques:
grelwood shank! its the only big investment u need.
after that -> obscurantis pelt and some good rare items.
transcendence spirit is the last big investment i would do tho

for a good early start u can also do 2x might of the meek and 1x unnatural instinct(quite expensiv but gives alot of res, life and dmg) until u got good gear.

personally..i wouldnt recommend league start as ms - grelwood and obscurantis gonna be quite expensiv early league and rare. getting a cheaper char going that dont need elder/shaper guardian items and can farm some currency seems to be better.

most of the gear should be near reproduceable (claw, rings, jewel and shield should work - amulet is a nono)
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Iam running this build from league start. So far it's working well. Thanks
My Current PoB:

So im missing alot of DMG from last League and some Life, but i can nearly facetank any content in the game so far - Ultimatum is very easy (besides stone circles as a melee..yikes).

Atm i invested like 27ex in total - crafted claw and body armour myself - rings and amulet was like 10-30c each. Shield was Chaos spamm ..need to recraft a better one later, but for now the Build is good enough.

Tbh im pretty happy with this Build overall - the investment was quite low if u craft everything urself - if u just buy everything on trade i can become quite expensiv to progress.

For now im just farming currency to do some minor upgrades or just keep the char at the current state since it can do all content. DMG upgrades only coming from 3rd cluster node, last lvl's, bottled faith and better normal jewels.

i have been using molten strike in every league that i played since harbinger, it is a very good allaround skill (good boss killer and decent map speed, tanky too), no other skill comes in my mind that does the same :)

this is my current build

4.3M sirus dps
kinda happy with it.
i am using -7 mana on rings instead of +ele dmg because free whirling blades is such a good quality of life.

my next upgrade will be:
-20 mana chest piece (free molten)
a better claw (some imperial base)
get a belt with flask charge on crit

but... i do not think that i am going to play enough to farm the required currency this league

video doing some maps
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Great build idea !

I have a 96 jugg siting MS too but fire

Will make this

Great idea with claws+ lightening dmg

i have updated it


7.5M sirus dps

better claw
-20 mana on chest
flask charge on crit for belt
wise oak balanced (dying sun MIGHT give me more dps for single targets but i prefer the reduced elemental dmg as the dmg is already enough)

everything just melts :)
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