In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our 3.14 expansion. At that time, we’ll introduce a new set of League Supporter Packs, which means the Heist Supporter Packs will permanently leave the store.

There are two pairs of Heist Supporter Packs available in the store; the Spellblade Supporter Pack and the Eagle Supporter Pack. Each of the two pairs is designed in its own style with different contents, so you can choose whichever you prefer; or if you can’t decide, you can get both! If you have previously purchased a smaller pack, you have the option to upgrade to the larger one. All of the microtransactions included in the Supporter Packs are exclusive and will not be available in the store again.

If you're interested in getting one of the Heist Supporter Packs but you're not sure you'll be able to do so in time, we'd recommend setting up a payment plan which can reserve a pack for you for up to three months after the commencement of your plan. Just email us in advance at; we'll be happy to help you!

Additionally, if you have purchased any plain points packs since September 1st 2020 (PDT), you can use this in an upgrade to one of the Heist Supporter Packs! You can credit up to 80% of the value of your desired supporter pack towards an upgrade. For example, if you purchased a $10 point pack you could then upgrade to the Spellblade or Eagle Supporter Pack for $20. You'd then receive the remainder of the contents of the pack, excluding the points you already purchased before the upgrade.

The Heist Supporter Packs will be replaced with the new ones on consoles alongside the launch of our next expansion.

Thank you so much for your continued support!
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yes, in full mood to buy supporter packs right now...
Can't wait to see the new packs. :)
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Can't wait to see the new packs. :)

when they coming?

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In the coming weeks? You really can't do any better than that?
If you wanted an example on why game devs should stop reading social media and even their own forums, this is the best one.
Pls WHEN will 3.14 be released... Just a date it’s hard to plan around "somewhen in April"

normally by now the release date is long confirmed... or do I oversee an announcement?

best regards

Dr. Blowhole
I wish GGG’s art department would get realign with expansion development...some supporter packs seem so disjointed with the expansion content. Heist packs was a prime example where my expectations of the esthetics would be that of a rogue, thief, vagrant, etc...but we got wizard robe and eagle guy???

Just my 2 cents.
I’m just here because I was told there would be cake.
Got both those packs already but even if I had not I wouldn't buy it.
After last events I find it difficult to spend money on you guys. Don't think I will ever again. Sorry for truth but that's how I feel. GL
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