🎄Friendly and Active🎄 <Maven's Realm> recruits for the new season! (1000+ players, Discord✅)

Hello Exiles! We would like to present you our active guild – Maven’s Realm. It’s a friendly clan started by farming and crafting pros. Now every friendly player is welcome: veterans or beginners, endgame-orientated or casual, and standard or league players! Currently, we have 900+ people in discord server and three sister guilds in game (Maven, Envoy, and Exarch) with 500+ active players. Our guild is global and players are forming farming groups for the new season!

Guild perks:
-> Endgame pinnacle boss fights carry services
-> Spacious guild stashes and abundant guild supplies (orbs, items, and maps)
-> An integrated Advising Program for meta builds, the passive skill tree, and the atlas passive tree
-> Leveling, Farming, and Crafting advice from pros
-> Various (optional) guild activities
-> Active discussions and question/answer sessions
-> Numerous advanced guild roles that allow dedicated players to progress

Requirements for casual and experienced players:
-> Friendly and Active

Requirements for pro/elite players:
-> Friendly and active
-> Multiple lvl 95+ characters (including those that went to standard)
-> Can complete A9 Maven solo, and can run 100% Delirious map or Simulacrums solo

Requirements for guild/discord moderators:
-> Meet all the criteria of pro/elite players
-> Willing to participate in guild/discord management and activities
-> Happy to help new players

If you’re interested, personal message our recruitment team (Not Me) through discord: zephyre. , qin_shi_huang (including which role you're interested in) , or left a message in this thread (do not use forum private messages), and we will send you an invite. We are a welcoming community and guild members are from all over the world, plus you’re encouraged to invite your friends. Look forward to hearing from you!
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Thank you Alex
I would love to join ur guild
@alex_midnight Hey. I caught your guild recruitment on the forums. I am looking for a casual role.

I have been playing on and off for several years but most of the "off" time is due to the fact that #Global just doesn't make for good company and it gets boring.

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