We’ve got five new Skill Effects coming out in the shop today, featuring effects for Consecrated Path, Fist of War, Smite, Lightning Warp and Holy Relic! Check out the videos below or get yours here.

We’re also having a sale this weekend on Twilight Microtransactions! You can see all the cosmetics that are part of the Twilight Microtransactions in the video below, or view the sale here.

Finally, don’t forget about Zizaran’s Gauntlet Event which is starting this weekend! More information on the event can be found in its announcement thread here.

Thank you for your continued support!
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Grinding Gear Games
<3 nightfall but.... my Harvest Chris!!
Exile is an illusion, exile!
You are brave to try to sell people after taking away the best part of your game so we can...

buff elemental melee
So, Stygian Consecrated Path ignites enemies with a stygian burning effect, but Stygian Fireball doesn't?

Feels like a kick in the teeth.
You have balls to sell that "exalted" mtx after the horror from yesterday...
Good stuff
I tried to buy the Stygian Fist of War, but when I shut my eyes and clicked I accidentally closed the tab instead.
Really... in these chaotic times, the answer is more mtx??? :(
Will Slams even be viable in 3.14?

Is it unethical to release MTX for skills planned to be nerfed?
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