New Microtransactions: Arctic Glacial Cascade Effect, Radiant Arc Effect and Ghostflame Blade Flurry Effect

Heavystrike wrote:
I'm a Joke for you?
shua_dy wrote:
Are these mtx's in preparation for a huge buff on these skills by the next league? Seems to me it's pretty pointless to sell skill effects for skills that are not being used anymore (except for arc).

Just because a skill isn't meta doesn't mean people won't use it. Think a little outside the box. Your argument is just senseless.

And suggesting Glacial Cascade isn't used anymore just shows how little you know about the skill itself.
So... Glacial cascade now costs money?
Just gonna leave this here:

General's cry blade flurry zerk is OP as fuck as a boss killer considering the budget.
Ruffleberg wrote:
This doesn't bode well.

Path of nerfing is upon us.

what could they possibly do to GC to make it worse :P
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
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Arctic Glacial Cascade???? Is this a joke...

I nearly can't even see the difference between the no MTX Glacial Cascade and this one.... Good thing it's only 8,5$ . . . . . . . .
So basically Arctic Glacial Cascade is a visual upgrade for the 10 years old skill and you pay 10$ for it. niceee

I hope we have to pay 10$ for each skill visual upgrade in PoE 2.
Creeping Frost mtx when
Glacial Cascade.....erm... lol

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