We’re bringing out three new cosmetic Skill Effect microtransactions today, featuring effects for Glacial Cascade, Arc and Blade Flurry! Check them out below or get yours here.

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Grinding Gear Games
Those look great!
Good stuff
This doesn't bode well.

Path of nerfing is upon us.
Are these mtx's in preparation for a huge buff on these skills by the next league? Seems to me it's pretty pointless to sell skill effects for skills that are not being used anymore (except for arc).
Glacial Glacial Cascade... I see...
Can we get some mtx for the classic bow skills? Lightning Arrow? Burning Arrow? Split Arrow? Ice Shot? Frenzy? Puncture? Galvanic Arrow Fist of War has been in the game for 2 leagues and already has 2 beautiful skins, while Lightning Arrow's mtx doesn't even turn the whole skill red and looks really aged.

Sorry if this comes off as rude but I want my bow skills to look cool too.
gimme money bitch
Ground slam... For God's sake, please, I beg of you!

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