Path of Exile Digital Comics

i have these and i would like more, are there any new ones on the way?
Helion wrote:
Why do we don't have a bundle with all 4 books?

they used to. i know thats the book i have.
tencents business
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
Tencent really desperate, I cant wait for them to be more after d2r release.
IGN: Gonorreitor
tencent tencentblabla
look at the MTX's pricing before Tencent's entry
I love comic books <3
awwwww yisssss, more lore to discover....
nikitosinenka wrote:
ummm, damn, representing the LORE of the game via purchasable MTX is a next level of marketing...

... and I think it's brilliant!

Path of Exile is a FREE game.

People who spend money on it love it, support it, and want more of it.

Throw shade and be cynical if it makes you feel superior, but I think any person or company who goes through the massive effort to produce original intellectual property and then offer it for FREE isn't worthy of such disdain.
XDDRYS wrote:
tencent is pushing

bruh these came out in like 2014

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