New Microtransactions: Blood Raven Raging Spirit Effect, Arcane Storm Call Effect and Desert Charged Dash Effect

looks cool <3
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Do people even play ragin spirit anymore?
Plenty of skills out there that still have zero alternate mtx.

Meanwhile GGG making lazy recolors for skills that already have a bunch.
Wait, you're meant to buff Charged Dash first, let it become META, and THEN make an MTX to signal the incoming nerf hammer.

Unless this is reverse UNO...
not a fan of charged dash, but the sand based theme looks cool, expect more stuff based on it, maybe vortex as a quicksand or something like that
Fix performance, buff Ritual rewards, implement QoL features, and only then print another overpriced MTX.
Ok, now you have to freaking explain to me WHY you just wasted resources for charged dash, which is probably played by 2 people the whole league
PLEASE!! Consecrated Path MTX !!

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