The ARC high teck - Witch / Arc / Elementalist / One Shot


OK ! Here it goes...

A lot of people have been asking about a build guide for "my" arc build, cause they saw it on ninja...or on stream.

Just wondering...why ask for my build when there is another with +50m dps more then mine ?
ah wait....they probably PoBed the build....cause ninja is so accurate ;)

So here goes...something....

"my" Build is Enki's Arc Witch - (check his guide if want to know how to start and how to here and there) basically in Super Sayian Mode for end game (not 100% everything can be done)


Remember, my version of this build is not cheap (in the current pob link state)

PoB link ->

Tooltip in Hideout on Stage 4 Sigil + Arcane Cloak & Flasks ON


Probably asked questions :

Why Pledge of Hands - cause at this state, it does not keep u in place that much, i have 8 casts per second, i dont feel like its keeping me from moving while attacking, ofc with decently exalteds invested.

Why no Anima Stone - cause with 4, and even 3 golem player is already immune to elemental ailments, and 1 cobalt with 3xMultiplier is much more dps bonus then Anima Stone.

How do u survive - i kill bosses before they attack, and in maps i dont stand still, i click and move. And also if it's not chaos dmg, u cant still take a decent amount of dmg before u die.

Why no Explody chest - cause explode doesnt help at bosses, and the chain speed of arc seems to be enought and probably as fast as explody chain, and beeing a player who has played explode builds in past, for this specific build, i dont feel it's missing....also...+1 skill point won from Cloak of Defiance, which is very good considering we dont have as much skill points as we should.

Why not Inward Eye - because the Rare Helmet is better (i used Inward at start, and thats how u start build with, cause its very cheap in comparison to rare), BUT rare has +2 res mods, and -9/12% light res on enemy over what Inward Eye helm offers.

Why no Culling Strike - cause u already 1 shot 99% of any map monster/boss and becuase it doesnt help at Phasing Bosses, and it occupies a dmg mod/gem that will be usefull to 1 shot bosses betwen phases. Also at last phase they die in 1-2 shots if time it right so again, i dont feel like its missing.

Why not Vaal Arc - cause it's absolute trash and wastes 1 skill slot - the vaal arc does not kill the same monsters in one shot as normal Arc does - i tested 2-3 days with it, i think it's wrongly designed, it should be at least at 150% of normal arc dmg if not double dmg...atm does nothing than waste my "move only" slot

Why not normal mana potion - cause if you time it right the increased mana cost from Replica Lavinga's Flask is a very good dps boost to 1 shot big bosses.

Why string of servitude and not Stygian - i started with stygian, very pog all t1 mods, but after testing in PoB, the string i have gives a lot more dps, and i already have enought move speed/cast speed that i would get on stygian to not go lower dps just in favor for that.

Can the build do T19 100% Delicious Maps - Very Hard - u need specific mods, and specific maps so u can move and good PC

Can the build do T16 100% Delicious Maps - Decently Hard-ish but YES - still specific maps so u can move and good PC needed

Can the build Delve - no ideea - i dont do deep delve - but presuming in SC, u can get ez to 500-1000 with decently often deaths, but again, i dont do delve, so i might be wrong...

What bosses are dangerous - Any if u dont move, ideea is to kill them before they attack, and if at invitations, learn to move, and have SOUND ON, to know when the Big Bosses attack ;)

Do you need corrupted items - NO and YES - NO you dont need Corrupted Staff/Chest - althought the cast speed on staff is a good bonus. Yes u need Immune to Corrupt Blood on jews, and preferably Cannot be Hindered.

Do you need corrupted gems - NO! (only if u feel like min-maxing for fun)

Why Mastermind of Discord and not Shaper of Storms - cause i have Corrosive Elements cluster NOtable and already at 96% chance to shock on Arc, the dps bonus is higher form MoM then from SoS.

Why no Movement Speed Flask - i do use Move Flask when i map - but use Vessel of Vinktar where i dont need that much speed, like at Sirus/Maven/Invitations/atziri/etc.... i already have decent move speed without move flask also....but still to slow for mapping imo.

Why no Bleed Immunity Flask - immune cause high hp regen

Why not Vaal/Molten Shell - cause i have no armor

Why not Immortal Call - cause i dont generate endurance charges

Why no Second Wind - demands to much dex and its not a very big help, just decenlty small bonus.

Can do reflect maps - immune to reflected dmg (as long as u do only elemental dmg, and no choas, no phys)

Do you need Double Wrath Watcher - NO! You need Triple - but couldn't find any this league srry.... :| which would have cost probably more than the build....

Why no other Helm Enchant - cause there is no other...arc has just this....or are there other ? :)

"Arcane Cloak Spends an additional 15% of current Mana" - Yes - that would be a very good dps bonus - but atm not that it would matter and probably harder to get in lab then Arc Chain enchant....and for mapping additional chain is bis. Also cant check dps bonus from this enchant in pob sadly.

"Righteous Fire grants 30% increased Spell Damage" - less dps in PoB

"Sigil of Power's Buff also grants 30% increased Critical Strike Chance per Stage" - less dps in PoB

Good Advice :

-> Build cannot do No-Regen / Less-Regen modded maps
-> Hard to do maps with Less Flask Charges Gained mod
-> If you know chaos damage is coming - MOVE ! Just dont get hit
-> Watchout for Porqupines (i think that can go for mostly all build)

-> Mana Regeneration is Very Important for the build - the Boots Enchant ar Must have, and any other u can have other than Unnatural Instinct. U can also change 1 cobalt for Clear Mind Unique Jewel for more Mana Regen but Less DPS.
Also having Mana regen on any cobalt as 4th mod is a decent welcomed bonus. Having 10k Mana but not Mana Regen will make the build unplayable. But Having 7-8k Mana and decenlty good Regen is very good. The gloves also help with mana sustain when crowded areas, so the Base Gloves are must have also.

-> Try to be at +2k HP - even exactly 2.000 is good, going under might be at 1.950...stil low....2200 would be good, or 2500 even better, but u will have less dps with more hp....also die less when u dont move. U can add more hp on cobalts, or instead of cobalts.

-> TIME IT RIGHT to get max dps

Meaning :

1. Cast Sigil of Power
2. Attack 2 times ONCE per second, while on Sigil of Power, to take it to Stage 3
3. Put ur brands where the boss will be, or close to that in the brand's range
4. Activate Aracne Cloak (which take Sigil of Power to max stage 4) + Vaal Righteous Fire (if have it ready)
5. Imediatly after using Arcane Cloak, activate all ur flasks, beeing sure that Boss will also be in range of Bottled Faifth Effect
6. Click and Kill / Insta Phase

If have any more questions pls ask.

Also i'm not a pro player, so if i got anything wrong pls tell me so, will appreciate it.

And yes, the build is a One-Shot build cause u can one shot anything, BUT u can also get One-Shot if u dont move. GL HF

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