We've prepared pieces of concept art from the Ethercraft and Rapture microtransaction series to share with the community. If you're interested in taking a sneak peek into our microtransaction development process or if you've liked our recent cosmetic effects releases, then check them out below!

Savage Ethercraft Armour Set

Savage Ethercraft Back Attachment

Savage Ethercraft Aura Effect

Ethercraft Armour Pack Bundle

Rapture Armour Pack

Rapture Weapon

Rapture Portal Effect

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Love the art and the game!
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EDIT: not quite
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the art has always more detail ... not fair ... art is OMFG lvl and ingame is ok lvl
Don't really like the first but the second looks pretty cool. Especially the portal.
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Ethercraft Armour concept art whe? /s
Is it just me or does this look heavily inspired by the Siva from Destiny, looks absolutely amazing
Rapture staff plz.
Awakened Combustion Support when?

"Not that I was likely to [converse of gist of latest patch notes] but it was nice to have the dream." :(
Good stuff
Where are Shield, Wand and Staff?

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